Fort Worden State Park // Port Townsend, Washington

It was the Fourth of July. It was a scorching hot afternoon in terms of western Washington weather–somewhere in the low 80’s. Our boss let us leave work a few hours early, which is almost unheard of in farm world. My co-workers and I decided to take advantage of our freedom, so we hopped in my car and drove an hour up to Port Townsend. Going on a road trip, no matter how short, in the middle of the workday gives you that satisfying, rebellious feeling–even if you’re not actually doing anything rebellious.

Port Townsend is a cute little getaway town right on the water, with lots of Victorian B&B’s. It’s an interesting place in its own right, but we were there specifically for the beach. There’s a park called Fort Worden up there with sandy beaches. We wanted the summertime feeling that comes along with a sandy beach versus the rock-y ones around Kitsap. The water was way too cold to get in. I stuck my feet in, but even that caused an icy sensation. Most of the people in the water had enough smarts to wear wetsuits, or at least stay in their kayaks.

We walked along the beach, down to a lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula that Port Townsend sits on. It’s called Point Wilson Lighthouse, and it marks the western entrance into the Puget Sound. Sitting on the rock cliffs and looking out into the sea was such a peaceful experience; there’s so much blue–sky and water blending into one another at the horizon.

There are so many other things to do at Fort Worden–434 acres worth. But we went for the beach and the views, so after a walk back from the lighthouse, we headed home.

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By Courtney Minor

Wandering around and writing about it.

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