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    What Ethical Travel Means to Me

    Ethical travel has become a major travel trend recently and it’s likely to continue growing in popularity. Beyond eco-travel, ethical travel encompasses good for all (including nature, humans, and communities). Unfortunately,…

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    15 Best Moments of 2015

    I guess I’m a little behind on this post, considering most bloggers have already done their 2015 recaps BEFORE the new year. But I want to start 2016 by remembering my…

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    Saying Goodbye to Jackson Hole

    Leaving Jackson Hole was bittersweet. After living there for three months, working six days a week, and filling every Sunday (my only free day) with as many activities and sights as…

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    Thoughts from a Hotel Room

    It’s the second to last night before I hop on a ferry up to San Juan Island to start my next job, which means it’s the second to last night of…

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    The Importance of Getting Lost

    I have a compulsion to wander, to get lost. Sometimes I think this stems from the fact that I tend to feel lost mentally and emotionally—who am I? What am I…

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    (Originally Posted May 2014) It’s not easy to make big changes, even if you tell yourself every day that change is all you want. We get comfortable in our lives. As…