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    What Ethical Travel Means to Me

    Ethical travel has become a major travel trend recently and it’s likely to continue growing in popularity. Beyond eco-travel, ethical travel encompasses good for all (including nature, humans, and communities). Unfortunately,…

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    15 Best Moments of 2015

    I guess I’m a little behind on this post, considering most bloggers have already done their 2015 recaps BEFORE the new year. But I want to start 2016 by remembering my…

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    Saying Goodbye to Jackson Hole

    Leaving Jackson Hole was bittersweet. After living there for three months, working six days a week, and filling every Sunday (my only free day) with as many activities and sights as…

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    Thoughts from a Hotel Room

    It’s the second to last night before I hop on a ferry up to San Juan Island to start my next job, which means it’s the second to last night of…

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    The Importance of Getting Lost

    I have a compulsion to wander, to get lost. Sometimes I think this stems from the fact that I tend to feel lost mentally and emotionally—who am I? What am I…