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    Exploring Wellington’s Oriental Bay

    I’ve visited Wellington on two separate occasions, and both times the weather was less than ideal for outdoor activities. New Zealand’s capital city is known for high winds and plenty of…

  • Photo Diary

    Paihia & the Bay of Islands

    I loved Paihia. It was a beautiful little town. It was laid-back and relaxed. It was quiet and simple. Everyone seemed happy. The hostel I stayed at used to be a…

  • Photo Diary

    A Day on Waiheke Island

    I ended up back in Auckland over Easter weekend. I wanted to spend as little time as possible in the city, so visiting one of the islands was top priority. I…

  • Photo Diary

    Looking at Las Vegas in a New Light

    The Las Vegas Strip. A street full of debauchery, and a shining beacon of capitalism. Tacky, gaudy, over-the-top. Some sort of twisted man-made paradise. An oasis of indulgence in the Mojave…