My Experience with Couchsurfing

I always had reservations about using Couchsurfing in the past. I loved the idea of it: meeting new people, getting a local’s take on the city, having someone to hangout with, and of course having a free place to stay. While all that sounded great, I also worried about all of the bad things that… Continue reading My Experience with Couchsurfing

Arches National Park // Moab, Utah

I was planning to go from Salt Lake City straight to Denver, but a couple of days before I left, I reconsidered. “I can go anywhere I want,” I thought. Why not take advantage of my current location and go somewhere new? I mean, I was in Utah! A state filled with endless natural marvels.… Continue reading Arches National Park // Moab, Utah

Salt Lake City Day Trip: Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island State Park is located just north of Salt Lake City (it’s the largest island in the Great Salt Lake), making it the perfect day trip! Here’s what you need to know. … When I took a road trip from Seattle to Denver, I knew I’d be making a stop in Salt Lake City,… Continue reading Salt Lake City Day Trip: Antelope Island State Park

Multnomah Falls // Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

After leaving Portland, we took a drive along the Columbia River Highway. Waterfalls were on the top of our “must see” list for the trip, and the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area is full of them–about 77 on the Oregon side of the river! We were driving to Boise that day, so we didn’t have… Continue reading Multnomah Falls // Columbia River Gorge, Oregon