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    The Tsunami Warning

    “Courtney! Courtney, wake up! We have to go!” I woke up to insistent knocking on my cabin door. I thought I was dreaming, but as my eyes slowly opened, I realized…

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    The First 24 Hours in New Zealand

    After a 13-hour flight from LAX, the plane touched down at Auckland Airport just before 7 am local time. I had been in transit for almost 24 hours by then, including…

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    The American Bison

    We spent the day driving up through Grand Teton National Park and out the East entrance towards Dubois. We didn’t go to Dubois, though—there was no time for that. We made…

  • 6 Simple Couchsurfing Tips

    My Experience with Couchsurfing

    I always had reservations about using Couchsurfing in the past. I loved the idea of it: meeting new people, getting a local’s take on the city, having someone to hangout with,…