Auckland Day Trip: Devonport, New Zealand

Devonport is a suburb of Auckland located on the opposite side of Waitemata Harbor, and it is home to New Zealand’s main Naval Base. This small seaside village is filled with great restaurants and scenery, which is what draws so many people over from the city.

Devonport isn’t an island, but it sure feels like one when you arrive. Hopping off the ferry from the busy city center, your relaxation level immediately rises. You can see the Auckland skyline in the distance but the noise is miles away.

So it’s easy to see why Devonport is such a great day trip for anyone visiting Auckland—or for that matter, anyone who lives in Auckland.

Getting To Devonport

Getting to Devonport is so easy! Take the ferry from Queen’s Wharf in downtown Auckland. For just $12 return and a quick 15 minute ride across the harbor, you’ll be there in no time. Because it’s so close (and because the ferry ticket is so inexpensive), you can easily wander over to Devonport any time, just for a few hours or for a whole day.

The other way to get to Devonport is to drive across the Auckland Harbor Bridge—but if you’re traveling and/or don’t have a car, this option is way too much of a hassle.

Hike up Mount Victoria

As soon as you get off the ferry, make your way up to Mount Victoria. The starting point for the walk is just a few minutes from the Devonport Wharf—head up Victoria Street and you’ll see signs pointing you in the right direction. The walk to the lookout point is only about 15 minutes. At the summit, you’ll have one of the best views of Auckland and the Waitemata Harbor.

Have Lunch at a Local Café

Upon return from your walk up Mount Victoria, satiate your appetite at one of the many restaurants along Victoria Street. Sit and order a quiche or an espresso at one of the cafes, or grab some food and a beer at one of the pubs. I recommend Corelli’s Café or The Patriot.

Stroll Along King Edward Parade

For a more leisurely walk, start back at the wharf and meander along King Edward Parade. The sidewalk takes you right along the shoreline—you’ll have views of the water and beaches on one side, and the beautiful homes of Devonport on the other.

Visit the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum

At the far end of the Kind Edward Parade, you’ll find the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum. The museum features permanent exhibits about The Royal New Zealand Navy—the perfect place for it as Devonport is home to the country’s main Naval Base. In addition to the museum, the café and pier make this a great gathering spot for families.

Explore North Head

The North Head Historical Reserve sits on the hill above the Navy Museum. To get there from the museum, walk along Cheltenham Road and then turn right onto Takarunga Road. Take some time to explore the tunnels or take a self-guided tour to learn about the history behind this military fort. This is yet another perfect spot for great views of the harbor and the Hauraki Gulf.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Head back towards the wharf via the King Edward Parade. Around Victoria Street you’ll find plenty of options for dessert, because a seaside afternoon isn’t complete without something sweet. Devonport Chocolates is a small kitchen & shop that creates their own handmade chocolates. At Naglaze you can get delicious gelato.

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1 Day in Devonport, New Zealand: Devonport is a neighborhood north of downtown Auckland. This quiet little place is the perfect day trip from the city, just a ferry-ride away. Spend 1 perfect day there with this quick guide. #newzealand #auckland #traveldaze #1day #itinerary


By Courtney Minor

Wandering around and writing about it.

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