About Travel Daze

Caroline’s Eyes: The World As She Sees It.

Hello Adventurers! I’m Caroline Daze, from St. Louis, Missouri, who has a wanderlust for seeing all there is to see. From the streets of Paris to the landscapes of New Zealand, I have traveled through continents, cuisines, and cultures; each day is a new chapter in my travels.

Travel Daze: Caroline's Eyes: The World As She Sees It.

My Story

My journey began in the middle of the Midwest, where I grew up envisioning other worlds and cultures. Wanting to see more than my hometown of Saint. Louis led me to become a solo traveler, experiencing the freedom and excitement of traveling exactly where I wanted to go—my own way. Farther from home, travel turned into more of a hobby than a lifestyle.

Birth of the Travel Daze

Travel Daze is a lot more than a blog; it’s a lifestyle brand. It is a reflection of my life—a tapestry of places I have been, people I have encountered, and experiences that have influenced me. Began as a way for me to document my travels, Travel Daze continues to grow into a community of like-minded individuals who love adventure and discovery and search for the horizon.

What You Will Find Here

You will travel with me on Travel Daze through compelling stories, beautiful photography, and insightful guides that inform as much as they inspire. I cover it all, from little-known gems and offbeat spots to world-class eateries and landmarks. Every post, every review, and every recommendation is infused with my own experiences and tips to make the most of your travels.

Beyond Just Travels.

My heart belongs to the road, but Travel Daze is about cultures, connections, and cuisines. It is about accepting the unknown, learning from other ways of life, and having fun along the way. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just starting out, my aim is to inspire you to see the world through your lens.

Beyond Just Travels.
Come with me on this journey

Come with me on this journey!

As I continue traveling throughout the globe, I would like to not simply see the world but experience it too. Each destination has stories to tell, and I am here to find them. But this is a lot more than just my journey; it is yours too. It is ours. Travel Daze is an online community for explorers to talk about, learn from, and grow together.

Let us make it interactive

Got a place you wish to explore? I love a great adventure, whether it is a beach, a city, or a village—anywhere new. Send me a message with suggestions, and who knows? You could be the next Travel Daze feature!

Connect and share your world with me!

Try to get involved with me! Your engagement is what makes my solo travels a shared experience, be it a comment, a direct message, or a tweet. Make Travel Daze an area for exploration and discovery.

So, what are you thinking? A place you have always wanted to go, a trip you are planning, or maybe a story you wish to tell? Send it over! Your message could be the first step on the next Travel Daze adventure.