Freehand Hotel Chicago

Freehand Hotel Chicago

I am on a solo adventure, weaving through the bustling streets of Chicago. My backpack is home, and my digital camera wants to take photos of the soul of the city. My urban oasis is Freehand Hotel Chicago, out of all of the places to bunk down.

This eclectic stay in River North is filled with historic charm and bohemian vibes.

Walking into the lobby, I hear vintage rugs and old wood furniture blaring away at me. It is clear that every corner is curated to ignite conversations with fellow wanderers.

As a traveler searching for authentic experiences and community vibes, Freehand Hotel is more than a pin on my map; it is a place I would like to call home.

It’s where my journey really takes on a brand new life. Here is the reason you will want to drop your bags and embrace the freehand way: trust me, your inner globetrotter will not stop thanking you.

Key Points You Need to Know.

1. I found the location of the Freehand Hotel Chicago to be incredibly convenient, nestled in the vibrant River North neighborhood. It was close to public transportation and popular attractions, including the Magnificent Mile.

2. I loved the design of the hotel. It brings together modern amenities with bohemian charm. I liked how every room had been decorated with attention to detail and pieces by local Chicago artists.

3. I liked the variety of room choices during my stay. From private suites to shared quarters, Freehand Hotel caters to all kinds of travelers, whether I am seeking luxury or traveling on a budget.

4. The on-site Broken Shaker bar had a good cocktail menu with handcrafted drinks with twists. I liked hanging out here with other guests—an excellent place to socialize and experience Chicago nightlife without leaving the hotel.

5. And lastly, the staff of Freehand Hotel Chicago was very friendly and helpful to me. They were always available to give recommendations or even assist with whatever I needed during my visit at this unusual accommodation choice.

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My First Impressions of the Freehand Hotel Ambiance.

I was immediately struck by the mix of boutique charm and hostel vibes when I stayed at the Freehand Hotel Chicago.

I was attracted to their vintage lighting and rustic wood finishes from the moment I walked in their lobby.

It is a place that is both communal and private, ideal for meeting other travelers or curling up with a book in one of their cubby holes.

Room Options for All Travelers.

I was pleasantly surprised by the array of room choices offered at Freehand. From the swanky private suites for the ultra-luxurious to the quartet of shared rooms for the social traveler, they know how to please everybody.

Personally, I got a private room for some solitude, but I also had the choice of going more community-driven if I wanted it.


Exploring the Hotel Culinary Delights.

It was an adventure eating at Freehand Chicago’s on-site restaurant, which served some of the very best food I have ever eaten in the Windy City.

The eatery was farm-to-table with a revolving menu. I loved their brunch—eggs Benedict was my personal favorite!

Handmade Cocktails in the Broken Shaker.

Allow me to tell you about the cocktail bar, the Broken Shaker.

This is a must-see spot! It not only had handcrafted cocktails infused with a little sex, but vivacious vibe made for an excellent night out. One drink of their house elixir, and you know this bar is among Chicago’s finest.

Arts and Design Elements That Inspire.

Strolling through the hotel felt like visiting an art gallery’s exhibit. I liked the art installations that were sort of quirky and the walls covered with Chicago-centric designs. In taking in these visual components, I felt a connection to the Freehand and also to the city’s cultural tapestry.

Easily accessible for city exploration.

Freehand Chicago had been strategically located. It was in River North, a short walk to some of Chicago’s top attractions. I took several days on foot, without a cab, around the Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park, and the Art Institute.

My first experience with remarkable service.

The staff was always going above and beyond. They provided recommendations only a local could know—jazz lounges and back alley speakeasies. The warm welcomes following a day of exploring made staying at the Freehand Hotel homely.

The Value I Found in Every Aspect.

On the affordability front, Freehand Chicago wins. It is an excellent value for its prime location and amenities. I got the feeling they hit the sweet spot between cost effectiveness and a memorable experience.

My Verdict on the Connectivity in the Freehand Hotel.

What’s modern travel without being connected? The hotel’s free Wi-Fi was strong enough that I could update my travel blog easily. Plus, the communal work areas were ideal for leisure and business travelers alike.

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Accessibility and Environmental Practices.

One other area where Freehand excelled was accessibility. It served guests of all abilities well, which speaks to its inclusivity. I also appreciated the hotel’s dedication to sustainability and was able to experience their eco-friendly methods in person.

Are you going to the Freehand Hotel Chicago for your next stay?

  • Consider your travel style and pick a room based on that—private luxury or a social setting.
  • Enjoy the food in the hotel restaurant; try out the brunch!
  • Do not miss a handcrafted cocktail in the Broken Shaker.
  • Take advantage of the hotel’s location, which means you can check out Chicago on foot.
  • Interact with the hospitable staff for local insights you will not find in a guidebook.

Are there tourist attractions near Freehand Hotel Chicago?

Of Course! The hotel is near some of Chicago’s most popular sights. Walk down the Magnificent Mile to do a little upscale shopping, or even spend the afternoon at Millennium Park. Whether you are into art, culture, or the bustling downtown scene, everything is conveniently accessible.

Are there any good restaurants around the hotel?

You will not need to go far to eat. Freehand Chicago also has a hip on-site restaurant that both locals and visitors rave about. Plus, the area has numerous fast-food and fine-dining establishments. The culinary scene here will not disappoint!

What types of rooms does Freehand Hotel Chicago offer?

You can go solo or travel in a group; there is space for you. Options range from private rooms to sharing quarters, depending on requirements and budgets. The rooms are well equipped for a comfortable stay.

What other amenities does the hotel provide?

Indeed, the hotel is unique in its offerings. You can visit a mixology bar for crafted cocktails and common areas for mingling or unwinding after a day out. They also have dependable Wi-Fi free of charge.

How does Freehand Chicago safeguard its guests?

Your safety is our main concern. The hotel has tightened its cleaning protocols and offers contactless check-in. Staff are trained to uphold the highest hygiene and public health standards.

Is Freehand Hotel Chicago ideal for business travelers?

Yes, it is! Business-friendly amenities include quiet workspaces and high-speed internet—all in the hotel. A central location also means you never miss a meeting or a conference.

At what time is the hotel open for check-in and check-out?

Check-in is at 3 p.m., giving you plenty of time to get settled in or even watch the city. Check-out is at noon, so you have a morning to prepare for departure whenever you need to say goodbye.

Can Freehand Hotel Chicago take special requests?

The team is very accommodating and will attempt to accommodate any special requests, like room location or dietary requirements. It is best to call ahead so your needs can be taken care of.

Are pets allowed at the hotel?

Pet lovers need not fret. Your furry friends are all welcome here. Additional fees might apply, but the pleasure of having your pet is worth every penny.

Parking choices close to Freehand Chicago?

The hotel has no parking, but several parking garages are nearby. The front desk can direct you to the best options for you and your vehicle, all while not worrying about your vehicle.

Final Thoughts on the Freehand Hotel Chicago.

I find the Freehand Hotel Chicago more than a place to sleep; I’ve found it a community. It is a place of culture and camaraderie in the middle of a major city.

It combines style with convenience for all those looking for something a bit different all over their travels.

The warmth of the staff and the location help make it an unforgettable experience.

It could be the combination of local tastes in the hotel eatery, or maybe the artisan cocktails that tickle the tongue, or the right amount of privacy compared to the community—everything comes together to create a stay that reflects Chicago’s spirit.


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