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Neon lights museum in las vegas nevada

Walking through Las Vegas, I saw the bright neon signs first. They looked like they were dancing. The city was like a grand stage, showcasing its history through these glowing signs. Soon, I found the Neon Museum, a secret spot that takes you back to the golden age of Las Vegas.

The Neon Museum started in 1996, aiming to save the famous signs from the Vegas Strip and Fremont Street. As I entered, I felt like I was in the past. I was among the vintage signs and neon masterpieces that once lit up the city’s top spots.

The Neon Museum is full of history, from the open Neon Boneyard Main Collection to the Neon Boneyard North Gallery. Each part is like a time capsule waiting to tell you its story. These signs show Vegas’s lasting charm and the amazing skill that went into making them.

Key Takeaways

  • The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is a must-visit destination for history and photography enthusiasts.
  • The museum’s campus includes the outdoor Neon Boneyard Main Collection, the Neon Boneyard North Gallery, and a Visitors’ Center.
  • The Neon Museum is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signs from the past.
  • Visitors can explore the museum’s outdoor exhibition spaces and marvel at the vintage neon signs that once defined the city’s legendary landmarks.
  • The Neon Museum offers a unique and radiant glimpse into the history and artistry of old Vegas.

Explore the Neon Boneyard: A Radiant Glimpse into Vegas’ Past

The Neon Boneyard is where the Neon Museum keeps over 250 old neon signs. These signs tell stories of Vegas from the past. Walking among them, you see classic signs from places like the Flamingo Las Vegas.

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These signs are part of what made Vegas glitter. From the old-time Flamingo to Fremont Street’s bright lights, the boneyard is a special look at Vegas’ history.

Wander Through Iconic Neon Signs

When I walked through the Neon Boneyard, I felt like I was in another time. The huge neon signs are silent reminders of Vegas’ past. They made me think of the lively nights they once lit.

I pictured the old streets filled with people. These vintage signs took me back to an era of glamour.

The Main Boneyard: An Outdoor Exhibition Space

The Main Boneyard is at the center of the Neon Museum. It feels like a living museum with its many stories. Being there helps you understand Vegas’ bright and colorful history.

The wide, open exhibition space shows the signs’ beauty. It reminds you how important these pieces are to the city’s story.

Guided Tours: Illuminating Las Vegas’ Stories

To understand more about the Neon Boneyard, I joined a guided tour. The guides told us about the signs’ histories and how they are saved. They shared stories that made me love Vegas’ history even more.

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The Neon Museum Las Vegas: A Glowing Attraction

In the heart of Las Vegas is the Neon Museum. It lets you go back in time and enjoy the city’s bright neon signs. Walking through, I realized how amazing and full of history this place is.

Hours of Operation and Admission

The Neon Museum Las Vegas is open all year. The hours change with the seasons. During the day, you can explore the famous Neon Boneyard at your own pace. See up close the signs that made Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street shine.

At night, there are special guided tours, like “History. Brought to Light.” and “Viva Las Vegas Movies!”. These tours offer a deeper insight into the museum’s rich history.

Special Experiences: Brilliant! Jackpot and Photo Walks

There are unique experiences too at the museum. The Brilliant! Jackpot uses the latest technology to make the iconic signs come to life. It’s an amazing sight to see.

If you love taking photos, don’t miss the photo walks. It’s a chance to photograph places like the la concha visitor center in their neon beauty.

Are you into history or photography? Or just looking for an adventure? Then, you have to visit the Neon Museum Las Vegas. It’s a truly memorable place. Explore the vintage Vegas world and uncover the stories of its bright neon lights.

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The Neon Museum is a place where you can dive into the city’s history and neon art. It’s a must for anyone who wants to see the heart of Las Vegas.

The Museum has lots of ways to enjoy these famous signs. You can take a tour during the day or at night. Or try the cool augmented reality experience called Brilliant! Jackpot. Different hours and prices throughout the year make it easy for everyone to visit.

For history lovers, photo fans, or just those amazed by neon art, this place is unforgettable. I leave feeling more connected to Las Vegas’ exciting past, all because of the hard work at the Neon Museum. I suggest this unique spot to all Vegas visitors. The Neon Museum truly shows the fascinating history of Las Vegas.

If you want to see more of the Sin City’s attractions, check out my trip to downtown LV and an article about a 24 hour guide to Las Vegas.


What is the Neon Museum in Las Vegas?

The Neon Museum is all about Las Vegas’s iconic neon signs. It’s a non-profit that saves and shows them. Think of it as a home for these signs that tell the city’s story. You’ll find many signs in the outdoor Neon Boneyard and more at the North Gallery. The museum also has a Visitors’ Center in a unique building, the former La Concha Motel lobby.

What can I see at the Neon Boneyard?

At the Neon Boneyard, you’ll find over 250 old neon signs. They’re not restored, but that’s what makes them special. You can walk around and see signs from famous places of the past. Each sign has its own story to tell.

What types of experiences does the Neon Museum offer?

There are many things to do at the Neon Museum. You can visit during the day, take your time to explore, and even join one of their tours. These tours are great if you want to learn more about the signs and Las Vegas’s history. They also have a cool augmented reality experience called Brilliant! Jackpot.

When is the Neon Museum open, and how do I purchase tickets?

The museum is open throughout the year. Hours change depending on the season. You can buy tickets online or at the museum’s Visitors’ Center. This way, you can see the beautiful neon signs up close.

What makes the Neon Museum a must-visit destination in Las Vegas?

The Neon Museum is unlike any other place in Las Vegas. It’s filled with bright, vintage neon signs. These signs are the city’s history shining brightly. Whether you love history, taking photos, or just looking for something unique, the Neon Museum will stay in your memory.


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