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    A Guide to Auckland, New Zealand

    Most visitors to New Zealand begin their journey in Auckland. International flights arrive in Queenstown, Wellington, and other major cities, but most likely, your flight will touch down in Auckland first.…

  • On Auckland: The City I Love to Hate

    On Auckland: The City I Love to Hate

    During my year in New Zealand, I visited Auckland quite a few times. It’s the usual entry and exit point for international travelers, since most have to go through the Auckland…

  • Photo Diary

    A Day on Waiheke Island

    I ended up back in Auckland over Easter weekend. I wanted to spend as little time as possible in the city, so visiting one of the islands was top priority. I…

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    A Quick Guide to Devonport

    Devonport is a suburb of Auckland located on the opposite side of Waitemata Harbor, and it is home to New Zealand’s main Naval Base. This small seaside village is filled with…