7 Must-Visit Places on New Zealand’s North Island

Trying to decide where to go on New Zealand’s North Island? I’ve got 7 must-visit places right here! … New Zealand is absolutely filled with beautiful, interesting, cool, fun places to visit. Unfortunately, most of us have a limited time in the country, so you won’t be able to see everything. Trust me, I spent… Continue reading 7 Must-Visit Places on New Zealand’s North Island

Paihia & the Bay of Islands

If you want more personal travel stories, essays, and pieces like this, subscribe to the Travel Daze Dispatch Newsletter for exclusive stories that you won’t see on the blog. I loved Paihia. It was a beautiful little town. It was laid-back and relaxed. It was quiet and simple. Everyone seemed happy. The hostel I stayed… Continue reading Paihia & the Bay of Islands