8 Must-Visit Places on New Zealand’s South Island

Wondering where to go on New Zealand’s South Island? Here are 8 must-visit places on the South Island. … New Zealand’s South Island is so full of wonder. I won’t pick favorites between the North and South Islands (they’re both beautiful), but the South Island does have something special. Every single place on the island… Continue reading 8 Must-Visit Places on New Zealand’s South Island

Virtual Travel: Queenstown, New Zealand

If you’re traveling in New Zealand, EVERYONE is going to tell you to go to Queenstown. They’ll tell you that it’s the coolest place in the country, that it’s so much fun, it’s a great place for backpackers and tourists…after you hear someone spout off about Queenstown, you’ll start to believe it’s truly the best… Continue reading Virtual Travel: Queenstown, New Zealand