15 Things to Do in Yellowstone National Park

Hayden Valley

Yellowstone National Park would be special as the morning mist rolled over the hot springs. Standing up there, feeling the raw energy of the earth pulsing under my feet, geysers shooting way up like nature’s fireworks show, I was high. The park’s untamed wilderness beckoned me, a siren call to explore its vast expanses in addition to hidden gems. It’s not every single day that you find yourself in America’s first national park – a natural wonderland so chock-full wonders it makes you breathe – and I mean, I took my breath more times than I care to be counted.”>I knew my day in Yellowstone National Park would be special as the morning mist rolled over the hot springs. Standing up there, feeling the raw energy of the earth pulsing under my feet, geysers shooting way up like nature‘s fireworks show, I was high. The park’s untamed wilderness beckoned me, a siren call to explore its vast expanses in addition to hidden gems.

It’s not every single day that you find yourself in America’s first national parka natural wonderland so chock-full wonders it makes you breatheand I mean, I took my breath more times than I care to be counted.

And so buckle up, wanderers! Here are 15 things to do and sights to see that can help make your trip just as epic as the herds of bison roaming free across valleys. Every moment here is as though Mother Nature is staging a show for youfrom the colors of Grand PRISmatic Spring to the low roar of Lower Falls throughout the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Even though I can’t select a favoriteI mean, you can choose a star in the night sky any dayI’m very pleased to share these wonderful experiences which have become etched in my heart. Grab your map and let us dive into this wild paradise; You never know what wonders we’ll discover next?

Key Points You Need To Know.

  1. I really like going to Old Faithful, the Yellowstone geyserit truly is a sight to behold. I think every visitor ought to see one of the regular eruptions which is often as high as 184 feet high.
  2. Exploring the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is another must do for me; The views from Artist Point on the Lower Falls are amazing. Hiking along the canyon rim or down the falls provides you with a genuine sense of nature.
  3. When I visit Yellowstone, I try to chill by Yellowstone Lake. The tranquil waters and surrounding mountains offer a peaceful escape that rejuvenates my spirit, and boating or fishing here is an unforgettable way to enjoy one of North America‘s biggest high-elevation lakes.
  4. Wildlife viewing in Yellowstone is like watching a nature documentaryI always see elk and bison and in case I am lucky a wolf or maybe a bear in their natural habitat. The Lamar Valley is widely known as ‘America s Serengeti ‘because it’s exactly where I have had a number of my most unforgettable wildlife encounters.

  5. Lastly, the steaming limestone creations produced over centuries at Mammoth Hot Spring terraces are a geological treat. Walking around these hot springs on boardwalks is yet another excellent way to experience Yellowstone’s diversity that I love every time I visit.

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Caroline Daze in yellowstone national park

Marvel at the Great Prismatic Spring.

When I was in Yellowstone, I saw the Great Prismatic Spring! It was like being on another planet with all the colors and size of this hot spring. Walking along the boardwalk I could see steam rising off the bright blue water surrounded by orange, yellow and green bacteria mats. You have to see Yellowstone in person if you plan a trip there.


Experience Old Faithful’s Eruption.

Experience an Old Faithful eruption is a must. I liked seeing the steaming water shoot clockwork into the sky. Park rangers know when the next eruption will occur so you can plan a visit to this particular geyser. Being among the crowd, feeling the collective anticipation, and then watching the powerful burst of nature is simply unforgettable.


Discover Geothermal Features at Upper Geysers Basin’s Geothermal Features.

It contains the biggest concentrations of geysers anywhere in the world in the Upper geysers Basin. I spent a day here exploring all the geothermal wonders. From the gurgling Morning Glory Pool to the roaring Riverside Geyser, there was no end to the sights that amazed me. Remember to remain on designated paths; these features are just as dangerous as they are pretty.


Wildlife in Lamar Valley.

Lamar Valley is known as America’s Serengeti, and when I visited I saw why. You can see bison, deer, bears and wolves either at dusk or dawn. Bring binoculars/spotting scopeI recommend this. Seeing the wildlife in Yellowstone truly made me think about how important these natural places are to preserve.


View Tower Fall & Feel Its Mist.

While I stood before Tower Fall, the sound of cascading water and sight of the 132 foot drop had been just awe-inspiring. The very short walk to the viewing platform is well worth it for a close up view of among the park’s most beautiful falls. Mist on my face and roar in my ears stuck with me long after I went.


Drive Through Hayden Valley.

My personal favorite part of the trip was traveling through Hayden Valley. The open valleys and lush valleys provide fantastic places to see wildlife. It is a peaceful change of pace from a few of the more crowded sites in Yellowstone. Seeing bison herds grazing with the Yellowstone River in the distance provided me with plenty of photo opportunities. Do not miss this scenic drive!


Hike the Grand Canyon at the Yellowstone.

My passion for hiking reached new heights in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Trails like Brink of the Lower Falls and Uncle Tom’s Trail offer you a look at the canyon in its golden and red hues. It was powerful to see the thunderous falls echoing throughout the canyonthe park was at its best.


Paddle on Yellowstone Lake.

For something more serene, paddle on Yellowstone Lake. The clear, cold water reflects the mountains and forests of this high altitude oasis. You can rent canoes and kayaks to go exploring by yourself or join a local expert on a guided trip. It’s a terrific way to experience Yellowstone’s peace and quiet.


Join a Ranger-led Program.

I believe participating in a ranger-led program really helps you learn about the park. Rangers tell about geology, history, wildlife and more. You will learn things on a guided walk or a talk at the visitor‘s center or perhaps a nighttime stargazing program you can only get from roaming around by yourself.


Camp Under the Stars.

Camping under the stars in Yellowstone is pretty special. I had several campgrounds to choose from and found one that felt like my own piece of wilderness. So suffice it to say that sleeping in the silence of nature was unlike another experience. Keep to all the park guidelines for camping to protect yourself and the wildlife.


Stroll the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces.

The terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs tend to be unlike any other. Steaming hot springs and colourful limestone terraces painted on the boardwalks were fascinating to me. You will want to give yourself time to take in this otherworldly beautyand also bring your camera!

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Take a Photograph of the Roosevelt Arch.

The Roosevelt Arch greets you as you enter the park from the North Entrance of the park. It is a stone structure whose inscription reads “For the Enjoyment and Use of the People” and is a gateway to Yellowstone. Stopping here for a photo felt like an introduction to what I was about to see.

Roosevelt Arch

Take the Mount Washburn Hike.

The hike to the top of Mount Washburn was tough but rewarding. I could see the whole park and beyond from the top. This is not really a trail for the faint of heart, however the scenery will push you along. Dress in layers and pay attention to weatherthe summit is very windy and cold even in summer.


Find out about the Mud Volcanoes.

Exploring the area dubbed as the Mud Volcanoes provided a different type of thrill. Mud pots bubbling and steam vents hissing create an eerie backdrop which is also very photogenic. The loud belching and steam emission from the Dragon Mouth Spring truly interested me the most. Standing near these features, it is possible to practically feel the power of Earth itself.


Relax in Boiling River.

At the end of my trip I stopped at Boiling River. It’s one of the few places in which you can enter geothermal heated water safely. Soaking in warm water as a cool river passes by is a good way to unwind after trekking and sightseeing. Visit during daylight hours and stick to safety rules at the park.


Are you ready to hike, view or explore?

    1. Wear sturdy, comfy shoes for the uneven trails.


    1. Bear spraycarry it and learn how to usesafety first!


    1. Check back frequently for park info on trail conditions and wildlife activities.


    1. Respect the environmenttake photos, leave footprints.


    1. Avoid crowds at popular spots during off-peak times in case possible.

What time is Yellowstone National Park best seen?

Visit Yellowstone National Park anytime but the very best weather is late spring through early fall. And specifically, from May to September you’ll find temperate climates with open spaces. Keep in mind though that summer months bring bigger crowds.


Can I see geysers and hot springs in Yellowstone?

Yes, geysers along with sizzling hot springs are natural wonders of Yellowstone. The park features the renowned Old Faithful geyser and also the lively Grand Prismatic Spring. Make sure to remain on the boardwalks for safety and also to preserve these delicate ecosystems.


Can you spot wildlife in the park?

Wildlife spotting in Yellowstone is a highlightyou are able to see bears, elk, and bison in their natural environment. Wildlife viewing is a prime activity in the Lamar & Hayden Valleys, particularly at dawn/dusk. Remember to view from a distance if possible!


Can I camp in Yellowstone National Park?

Camping is an excellent way to enjoy the park for the outdoorsman. There are a number of campgrounds to pick from but you have to book well in advanceparticularly during peak season.


How do I hike in Yellowstone?

There are hiking trails in Yellowstone for easy walks or more strenuous treks. Staying on designated trails is crucial for safety and preservation reasons. Always bring bear spray, check weather and inform someone you are hiking.


Is there a fee to visit Yellowstone?

Yes, Yellowstone charges an entrance fee to help pay for park maintenance and services. Check the current rates and consider purchasing an America the Beautiful Pass in case you plan on going to multiple national parks within a year.


How can I safeguard the park environment when I visit?

Respecting the environment in Yellowstone is a shared responsibility. Stick to marked paths, eliminate waste correctly, don’t feed animals and follow “Leave No Trace” guidelines to reduce impact and protect the park’s ecosystem.

What are some must see attractions in Yellowstone?

Not to be missed are the Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls, Mammath Hot Springs and Yellowstone Lake. Each of these landmarks is unique and reflects the park’s character.


Do you have guided tours in Yellowstone?

Yes, guided tours give insight into the park geology, past and present wildlife. They vary from bus tours to wildlife or photography tours based on your interest and length of stay.


What kinds of accommodations are available near Yellowstone?

Lodges, hotels and cabins are available around and within Yellowstone. It’s better to book early, as they fill up quickly, particularly in the peak visiting season.


Final Thoughts

Yellowstone National Park can be a fantastic reminder of nature. My own excursions through geothermal landscapes, my walks with wildlife and my treks across valleys will remain in my memory. Each visitor must experience the park’s numerous offerings to fully grasp its splendor.

Even though the listed 15 attractions scratch the surface of how much the park is capable of offering, they serve as a remarkable preview into this storied natural playground. I urge all travelers to approach Yellowstone with an adventure spirit and stewardship in mind so this treasure may be enjoyed for generations to come.


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