Fernweh Inn & Hostel: A Cute & Cozy Hostel in Fort Collins, Colorado

Fernweh Inn & Hostel is the first Fort Collins hostel. Made for travelers by travelers, this hostel will fill you with fernweh.

After Kansas City, I drove about 10 hours to Colorado. The plan was to spend the evening in Denver and stay the night there…for some reason, in the weird and not-so-great mood that I was in, once I actually arrived in Denver, I decided I just didn’t want to stay there. I considered my options for where to go instead, where to sleep, etc. Well, since I would be going to Fort Collins anyways, I decided to just go a day early. And so I booked a room in a hostel.

I had come across the Fernweh Hostel online in the last couple of months and it really intrigued me. It just seemed like a place I wanted to stay. I had Couchsuring arrangements, though, so I wasn’t originally planning on staying in the hostel. But since I went to FoCo a night early, it was the perfect opportunity to check it out.

The Fernweh is inside of a beautiful Victorian home built in 1905. It is the coziest hostel I’ve ever stayed in–it feels more like you’re sleeping at a friend’s house. I slept so well that night, better than any other night on that trip. I didn’t stay long; I got there around 9 pm and left by 10 am the next morning. It was quiet, extremely clean, and the decor was adorable. The owner, Kelsey, is incredibly friendly. She checks everyone in herself and is around most of the time to answer questions. I highly recommend this place if you’re ever in Fort Collins!

Other awesome things that are not pictured: a cool patio in the back with a picnic table, free snacks, free bicycles to use, and the cutest pup named Cash.

More Info

Fernweh Inn & Hostel

Address: 616 West Mulberry Street, Fort Collins, Colorado

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Check into this cute & cozy hostel in Fort Collins, Colorado

*Featured image courtesy of Fernweh Inn & Hostel

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