Denver, Colorado // Photo Diary

I’ve been to Denver quite a few times. It’s sort of like the gateway to the west for me, which is funny to say considering I’m from St. Louis (the actual Gateway to the West). But besides those pesky 6+ hour drives through Kansas, Denver is the first real place I tend to see on my road trips out to the western part of the country.

Denver is a great city and I love that I get to explore little pieces of it regularly (a couple times a year, maybe?). I never feel like I have to rush through and try to see and do everything because I know I will inevitably be back sooner or later–usually on my way back to, or away from ,my home in Missouri.

Unfortunately, I think because of the fact that I am always at the very beginning or very end of my road trip, and I’m always just passing through, my time in Denver often ends up being stressful or just ill-planned.

Last time I was in Denver, I was so exhausted from 10+ months of traveling, working, and never being alone plus almost 3 weeks of road tripping, that I spent most of my time resting and just kind of hanging out. This time, I almost didn’t even stop in Denver just because the drive through Kansas is terrible enough to make you not want to do anything ever again.

But my time in Denver in never regretted, and I always leave knowing there is something else to see and do next time. Getting to know the city little by little is a nice change, considering I have to try to see most cities all at once.

Denver is a city I could see myself living in happily one day (although I probably won’t because, you know, Seattle). It has the relaxed feel I prefer in big cities that keeps you from getting overwhelmed. So I will be back again, and I will have more photos to show for it.

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By Courtney Minor

Wandering around and writing about it.

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