Bellingham, Washington // Photo Diary

Bellingham, Washington // Travel Daze

I ended up in Bellingham by chance. I knew nothing about the city, but since I had never been, I figured I might as well go. The state of Washington has a special place in my heart; I’d love to explore every part of it some day. I was was on my way to San Juan Island and needed somewhere to stopover for a few days. I took a look at the map, and Bellingham seemed like my best option.

Once I arrived in town, I checked into my hotel and immediately started checking things off my to-do list. I had to stock up on food, do laundry, wash my car, buy shoes for my next job, etc. Then I spent the evening laying in the big comfy hotel bed and watching Netflix.

Not exactly an exciting first night, but I welcome lazy days into my life when I can fit them in. I did manage to research the city a bit to get an idea of what I wanted to do the next couple of days.

Bellingham, Washington // Travel Daze

Bellingham, Washington // Travel Daze

Bellingham surprised me. When I went out to explore, I realized it’s an actual city–certainly not as big or buzzing as Seattle, but it was more than I imagined. It’s also a college town, home to Western Washington University. The downtown area is on the small side, but it’s easy to walk from place to place. Overall, I think the city is about the ideal size for someone like me.

Bellingham is also filled with great outdoor areas, open spaces and parks. Cities are fun, but incorporating nature and keeping green space is what makes a city livable (for me). Between state and city parks, beaches, and boardwalks, its easy to get some fresh air and solitude here. Whatcom Falls Park is a great place to take a walk or go for a run. It feels very secluded. Boulevard Park is another favorite spot. Take a walk along the boardwalk and stop at The Woods Coffee for some caffeine while looking out over the water.

Bellingham, Washington // Travel Daze

I spent my final day in Bellingham exploring the historic Fairhaven district. This cute neighborhood has lots of little cafes, restaurants, and shops that will keep you busy for a few hours (or more). There’s an awesome bookstore there called Village Books, where I spent forever browsing until I decided I couldn’t really spend more money on books. After that, I also had some delicious Thai Coconut gelato (my first gelato!) at Sirena Gelato Shop.

I really enjoyed my time in Bellingham, Washington and I’m so glad I ended up there. Someday I’ll return to see more.

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Bellingham, Washington // Travel Daze

Bellingham, Washington // Travel Daze

Bellingham, Washington // Travel Daze

Bellingham, Washington // Travel Daze


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