Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

The greater Jackson Hole area, including the town of Jackson, Teton Village, and Grand Teton National Park, is a tourist mecca both in the winter and the summer. In the winter people come for the snow, and in the summer people come for the mild weather and beautiful scenery. Regardless of the time of year, most people visit Jackson Hole to enjoy outdoor activities, whether skiing, hiking, or paragliding. Burning all of that energy outside means people need somewhere to refuel—that’s where the Jackson Hole restaurant scene comes in.

While Jackson is relatively small, it’s filled to the brim with great restaurants. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, brunch, snacks, or dessert, there’s a place to fulfill all occasions—and all tastes. You’ll find a variety of options all over, from little cafes and lunch spots to Thai food and comfort food.

This is a list of my favorite restaurants in the Jackson Hole area, the best places to fill up before or after a long day outside. As always, all of my picks are vegetarian-friendly.

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

1. Lotus Café // 145 N Glenwood St

Lotus Café is the best place in town for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone who prefers a diet of local and organic foods. While they do serve meat, it is always optional. There is an abundance of fresh salads, rice bowls, and veggie dishes, all guaranteed to make you drool. Everything on the menu sounds incredible.

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

2. Persephone Bakery // 145 E Broadway

Persephone Bakery is an adorable little café in town with a fresh selection of croissants and other mouth-watering pastries. They also serve breakfast and lunch from their café menu, as well as coffee, tea, wine, and cocktails. Eat outside on the huge deck/patio at one of their rustic-chic picnic tables. Also, do yourself and favor and get the graham cookie, aka fancy s’mores!

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

3. Mangy Moose // Teton Village

The Mangy Moose is Teton Village’s famous après-ski saloon, but whether it’s winter or summer, it’s the perfect spot to meet with friends, have a drink, and eat good food. Pizza, appetizers, and burgers are on the menu. Unlike your typical bar food though, there is that gourmet twist you would expect in a place like Jackson.

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Merry Piglets

4. Merry Piglets // 160 N Cache St

Merry Piglets serves traditional Mexican fare at reasonable prices. It’s located just off the town square, making it an easy and convenient stop for dinner.

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

5. Red Fox Saloon // Togwotee Mountain Lodge (map)

To the east of Grand Teton National Park, outside of the Moran entrance, you’ll find Togwotee Pass. On the pass, you’ll find the Togwotee Mountain Lodge. And that is where you’ll find the Red Fox Saloon, a little bar covered in red damask wallpaper. Surprisingly, the food here is delicious–give me a good quesadilla and I’m sold. While this place is a little out of the way, sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere away from the crowds.

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

6. RMO Café // Teton Village

The Rocky Mountain Oyster Café, or RMO for short, is located inside the Mangy Moose complex in Teton Village. Open early in the morning, it’s the best place to grab a quick breakfast before hitting the slopes. You’ll find all sorts of egg dishes on the menu, as well as other usual breakfast items, like granola and yogurt.

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

7. Healthy Being Juicery // 165 E Broadway

Healthy Being Juicery first caught my eye because it’s in the cutest little building and because it has the coolest yard—yes, a yard. An expansive, and very green, front lawn is dotted with adorable neon painted table and chairs. It’s the perfect spot to lounge around during the summer. Grab a healthy cold-pressed juice or smoothie inside. If you’re hungry, order something from their plant-based menu, or try some of their Rawnola (raw granola).

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

8. Teton Thai Plate // 135 N Cache St

You may be surprised by the large number of Thai restaurants in Jackson Hole, but apparently Jackson residents and visitors alike are crazy for Thai food. While there are other places to get a good Pad Thai, Teton Thai Plate is my favorite. In addition to just having delicious food, they are also right beneath a newly remodeled deck and patio lounge. While the deck doesn’t belong to Teton Thai, you can order food there and take it up to the patio to eat. Also, yummy spring rolls.

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

9. Leek’s Pizzeria // Grand Teton National Park

Everyone loves pizza, right? Well, Leek’s Pizzeria is the place to go for a large selection of specialty pizzas or to just grab a slice of cheese or pepporoni. There is ample seating inside, but they also have a deck overlooking the marina. Leek’s is located inside Grand Teton National Park, and it’s one of the most casual dining options in the park. *Note that this restaurant is only open during the summer.

Jackson Hole Restaurant Guide // Travel Daze

10. Trapper Grill // Signal Mountain Lodge

Another dining option inside of Grand Teton National Park is the Trapper Grill at Signal Mountain Lodge. Located towards the north end of the main loop road, it’s a convenient place to stop for lunch on your day trip around the park. There are a surprising amount of vegetarian options, including the best black bean burger ever. *Note that this is restaurant is only open during the summer.

Due to the seasonal nature of the Jackson Hole area, many restaurants are only open during peek summer & winter months, and/or have varying hours. Be sure to check the websites when planning your trip.

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A quick roundup of all the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Jackson Hole, Wyoming




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