Things to do in Teton Village in summer

Scenic summer views of Teton Village highlighting popular activities for tourists

As the sun rises over Wyoming, it paints Teton Village’s meadows and peaks with light. I remember my excitement seeing it from the Aerial Tram. It was more than just planning activities; it was about feeling alive again.

Let me show you the best summer experiences in Teton Village, a hidden gem in the Tetons. Imagine racing down the mountain on a bike starting June 15. Or you can watch a sunset while floating on the Snake River. Teton Village is perfect for events or peaceful nature time. Your summer story starts here. Want to feel connected to the earth? Try e-biking on these paths.

It’s time to explore summer in Teton Village and find activities you’ll love. This place will fill your heart with memories that will last a lifetime.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the rush of the Aerial Tram from May 18, offering unparalleled views of Teton Village.
  • Get your heart racing with mountain biking adventures available from mid-June to early October.
  • Find solace on the serene Snake River, whether it’s thrilling whitewater or tranquil scenic floats.
  • Savor the tranquility of hiking on paths that meander through the beautiful landscapes of Wyoming.
  • Embrace your adventurous side with events and activities perfect for a summer vacation in Teton Village.
  • Begin your Teton Village summer guide with us, and let your spirit soar amidst the extraordinary beauty.

Aerial View of Teton Village near Jackson Hole

Aerial Adventures at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

My heart beat fast as I got closer to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It’s a top spot for those who love high places and wide skies. The aerial tram was my first challenge. It lifted me 4,139 vertical feet above the Jackson Hole valley. Right when I entered the tram, we started going up. The ground disappeared, and an amazing view of the valley emerged. It was the adventure I had been waiting for.

At the summit of Rendezvous Mountain, I walked onto the Grand Teton Skywalk. The views of Snake River and the Tetons surrounded me. They showed off nature’s beauty from high up. Then, I went on the Bridger Gondola. It gave me a new view of the big mountains and the green valley below. This exposed me to another side of this amazing resort.

I was ready for more excitement, so I suited up for paragliding. Floating between the sky and land, I felt like a bird. From a height not many could reach, I looked over the land.

Ground-Level Thrills and Relaxation

On the ground, I participated in the ropes course. It was a series of challenges in the air that tested me. Next, I tried the bungee trampoline. In a harness, I did flips and spins. I felt like I was reaching for the sky before coming back down.

Then, I heard the mountains calling me to the rocky paths of the Via Ferrata course. With metal steps and bridges, my climb was a test of strength and wonder. Each step was hard, but amazing.

I also tried an 18-hole disc golf course. Each throw was a game with the wind, set against a beautiful mountain view. Whether in the air or on the ground, there were lots of choices for eating and relaxing at the resort. A day here was a mix of thrilling adventures and calm moments of reflection and fun.

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Thrilling Rides and Scenic Hikes

Teton Village, nestled among Grand Teton’s emerald peaks, is a haven for adventurers. It offers mountain biking thrills and peaceful scenic hikes. Every path tells a unique story. My adventure started with a climb, introducing me to the area’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Gaining New Perspectives on the Aerial Tram

I boarded the Aerial Tram, known as “Big Red,” filled with excitement. It lifted me over 4,000 vertical feet, revealing stunning views across the Gros Ventre range. My Grand Adventure Park pass was more than a ticket. It was a key to aerial ropes and climbing walls, celebrating mountain spirit.

Things to do in Teton Village in Summer

Mountain Biking for All Skill Levels

The downhill bike park trails are coming in June. Thanks to on-site bike rentals, getting on track was easy. There are trails for every level. From easy green tracks to challenging black routes, each one connects you with nature’s feel.

Connecting with Nature on Hiking Trails

Pathways lead to wilderness adventures across meadows and forests. The hiking trails, including paths to the Teewinot Lift, offered peace. They allowed me quiet moments amidst Grand Teton’s majesty.

  1. Morning ascent on the Teewinot lift, embracing the cool mountain air
  2. The thrill of navigating the terrain during a mountain bike descent in the afternoon is truly thrilling.
  3. Evening strolls on paved pathways, where the hues of sunset paint the landscape
  4. Spotting wildlife amidst the Gros Ventre silence
  5. Capturing memories as the alpenglow kisses the peaks

Water Activities on the Pristine Snake River

Wandering through Grand Teton National Park, I reached the Snake River banks. It wasn’t just any river. It’s the valley’s life source, providing water sports for all. You can enjoy the thrill of whitewater rafting or relax on scenic river trips.

Fly fishing here is perfect for those after rainbow or cutthroat trout. The view, with its alpine scenery, makes fishing a journey into nature’s heart. It opens a window to the ecosystems along the Gros Ventre, Green, and Madison Rivers.

Teton Village

Seeking adventure, I dove into kayaking among alpine lakes. It’s more than just a sport. It’s a way to talk to nature, offering both challenges and peace.

Staying in Jackson, WY was cozy and varied. The options ranged from simple camps to fancy resorts. The Grand Teton Lodge Company and Jenny Lake Lodge stood out, offering refuge after active days.

Jenny Lake campground allows you to wake up to bird songs and Mount Moran views. Over 300 bird types and many wild animals make it unique. It’s a chance to live close to nature’s heart.

In Jackson Lake town, everyone finds something fun. Solo adventures here taught me the power and grace of nature’s wildness. It shows us the beauty of living in the moment.

Embracing the Cowboy Spirit: Horseback Riding in Teton Village

As I climbed into the saddle, I breathed in the fresh mountain air. It rejuvenated me. Horseback riding in Teton Village is more than a sport. It’s a journey into the area’s western heart. Against the stunning Tetons, each ride is a trip into cowboy territory.

Riding with Snake River Ranch is unforgettable. I learned what cowboy freedom feels like, wandering through meadows and aspen woods. These trails, filled with stories of the Old West, let nature’s silence speak.

Trail Rides Through the Scenic Terrain in teton village

Trail Rides Through the Scenic Terrain

I started a trail ride at dawn, ready for adventure. We passed shimmering streams, their cold waters evoking wilderness. Riding here, every turn reveals new sights.

Ranch Experiences and Cattle Drives

I also joined a cattle drive, full of excitement and dust. It’s the real West, led by expert ranchers. Driving cattle, I felt the vast skies and untamed spirit of Teton Village.

Horseback riding here pays tribute to the West’s wild beauty. It honors the cowboy way and the rugged spirit that crafted this land. It was a chance for me, a lone explorer, to live with the cowboys’ boldness.

Family and Fun: Interactive Activities for All Ages

I’ve always loved Teton Village. It’s a place for fun, no matter your age. It’s full of outdoor adventures and exciting entertainment. When you look at a summer guide for Teton Village, you see all sorts of family fun. The Alpine Adventure Park is a top spot with its thrilling activities and beautiful mountain views.

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The Kid’s Ranch and its day camp programs are great for young ones. Here, kids can enjoy outdoor fun and creative activities like science projects and horseback riding. Parents have their own adventures to choose from. They can go on wildlife safaris or explore the trails near the national parks.

I’m excited for summer 2024 because of the Wild Woods Playground. It will be a magical place for kids to play and explore. Even now, there’s lots to do. You can bike through Teton Village or visit the Teton Raptor Center.

Evenings in Teton Village

When evening comes, the Village Commons is the place to be. The Alive@5 events bring families together while music is played. Afterward, I suggest watching a concert on the Commons. It’s a perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.

The Grand Teton Music Festival makes summer special here. Once the concert hall opens, families can enjoy beautiful music. It’s a magical experience that has amazed me and many others.

Summer here means enjoying the little things and thrilling adventures. Whether it’s jumping on trampolines or going on the ropes course, there’s plenty to do. Don’t miss out on these attractions in your Jackson Hole summer guide.


Summer in Teton Village is not just a vacation but an extraordinary adventure. I’ve felt the thrill of being high above the ground on an aerial tram. I’ve also found peace floating on the Snake River.

Riding mountain bikes and horseback riding in Teton Village was exciting and calming. These adventures brought adrenaline and peace at the same time.

The best summer moments weren’t the only ones that were adventurous. They also included families laughing together at camps and playgrounds. Summer in Teton Village is about belonging. It’s about sharing the wilderness with others who love nature. Every morning brought the chance for a new adventure.

Thinking back on Teton Village’s summer events fills me with gratitude. These memories of the Tetons are priceless. Summer here is more than just a place. It’s a vibrant chapter in my life. This guide aims to show Teton Village’s beauty, inspiring others to explore Wyoming’s landscapes.


What are the best things to do in Teton Village during the summer?

Summer in Teton Village is an adventure. You can ride the aerial tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Try mountain biking or hiking scenic trails. Enjoy water sports on the Snake River, wildlife safaris, and horseback riding. Also, check out the Kid’s Ranch and Alive@5 events for family fun.

When does the aerial tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort start operating for the summer?

The Aerial Tram, known as “Big Red,” at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort begins summer service on May 18. It takes you up 4,139 feet to Rendezvous Mountain’s summit. You’ll see amazing views of Jackson Hole Valley and Grand Teton.

Are there mountain biking options in Teton Village that are suitable for beginners?

Yes! Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s Bike Park has trails for all. Beginners will enjoy the green trails. From June 15 to early October, bikers of any skill level can have fun. Bike rentals are available.

Can I go fishing on Snake River?

Of course, Snake River boasts some of the top trout fishing spots. Spend a day fly fishing with expert guides. You can catch rainbow and cutthroat trout.

What kind of horseback riding experiences are available in Teton Village?

Horseback riding in Teton Village is a real cowboy adventure. Enjoy trail rides through beautiful mountains. Or, experience the cowboy life on a cattle drive or ranch. Drive through Wyoming’s scenery in herds.

Are there activities in Teton Village that are suitable for families with children?

Definitely, Teton Village is great for families. Kids can go to day camps at Kid’s Ranch, play at the Wild Woods Playground, and have fun at Alive@5 events. Together, families can enjoy concerts on the Commons and shows at the Grand Teton Music Festival.

Where can I find live music and entertainment in Teton Village during the summer?

In the summer, Teton Village is lively with music and shows. Don’t miss the concerts on the Commons and Alive@5 events in July and August. The Grand Teton Music Festival also offers excellent musicians and performances.

Are wildlife safaris available near Teton Village?

Yes, wildlife safaris are a favorite near Teton Village. Take a trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks to see wildlife such as bison and bears. Visit the Teton Raptor Center to learn about local birds.

What water sports can I enjoy on the Snake River?

Snake River is perfect for water sports. Try exciting whitewater rafting, serene scenic river trips, fly fishing, or kayaking. These activities are suitable for adventure-seekers and those seeking peaceful river moments.

In Teton Village, are there guided hiking tours?

Yes, Teton Village offers guided hiking tours. Explore the stunning scenery with an expert guide. Choose from easy walks to challenging hikes, all with beautiful Grand Teton National Park views.


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