Cabana Suites at the El Cortez // Downtown Las Vegas

Cabana Suites at the El Cortez Downtown Las Vegas Cheap Vegas Hotels

I considered a few different places while searching for accommodation in Las Vegas. I definitely wanted to stay Downtown instead of on The Strip, so that narrowed things down a bit. Price, as always, was the biggest factor, but location was important too. I wanted to be able to walk out of my hotel and be right in the middle of it all. I originally wanted to stay at a hostel, but the location just wasn’t right.

Lucky for me, downtown Vegas has plenty of boutique hotels at motel prices, so the cost/location problem was easily solved. Usually you have to give up one for the other, but not so around here. There were quite a few options but I ultimately decided to stay at the Cabana Suites at the historic El Cortez.

The El Cortez is the “longest continuously-running hotel and casino in Vegas”–you can’t get more old-school than that. I chose to stay in the Cabana Suites (a newer addition to El Cortez), located in a separate building across the street from the main hotel/casino. That means it’s much quieter, and it has a completely different feel than the vintage rooms.

The revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas has seen many old motels bought up and turned into modern boutique hotels geared towards a more stylish set. The Cabana Suites is no different. A bold design scheme throughout the hotel uses bright colors like teal and green as an accent for black and white patterns.

While the rooms may be considered tacky by some (neon green is a bit much), the bathrooms are much more elegant. Sleek hardware, tiled floors, marble showers, and a soft turquoise wall make for a relaxing experience.

Being that the building was formerly a motel, a few things are to be expected: walls are thin, heaters are loud, and rooms are small. That shouldn’t put you off though, as everything else is well above what you would expect from a motel but prices are just as low. I paid about $47 a night after taxes and fees–an incredible value!

Overall, the hotel is clean, stylish, safe, and well-maintained (although the lighting could use some work). The location is absolutely ideal for exploring the downtown area, but it’s tucked away just enough to have some peace and quiet when you’re ready for bed. I’m happy that I chose to stay at the Cabana Suites during my trip to Vegas, and I would certainly stay again.

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On your next trip to Las Vegas, stay downtown instead of on the strip. There are plenty of budget Vegas hotels, like the Cabana Suites.




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