Looking at Las Vegas in a New Light

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The Las Vegas Strip. A street full of debauchery, and a shining beacon of capitalism. Tacky, gaudy, over-the-top. Some sort of twisted man-made paradise. An oasis of indulgence in the Mojave Desert. None of this is said to condemn the place–we all like to have a good time and I personally don’t believe that drinking, gambling, sex, whatever is “sinful”. My statements are more fact than opinion. Las Vegas is what it is. My real problem with the Las Vegas Strip is…it’s  kind of an eyesore.

As someone who worships the outdoors and the grand beauty of nature, and as someone who would love to protect it at all costs, I find the money machine and outlandish buildings of Vegas to be quite ugly. Take a second to look towards the horizon while you’re in Sin City and you’ll see mountains, something much more appealing to the eye. Venture just a little bit outside of the city and you’ll find incredible landscapes.

While I never thought Las Vegas could be described as “pretty”, on my recent trip I started to look at the Strip in a different light. Literally, the golden light hit the buildings just right as the sun set over the strip. Las Vegas turned into some kind of Wonderland as neon signs started to twinkle before the sky went dark.

Even before sunset, I found myself looking at things from a new angle. As a whole, the Strip looks like a complete mess, but focus in on the details and you start to see something…pretty? From day to night, I spent my time on the Strip finding pockets of visual pleasure.

While none of it is natural, I do believe it’s possible to find beauty in all things. Buildings, statues, lights, fountains, and a million other things caught my eye as I wandered around devoid of alcohol. If you can drown out the chaos, the crowds, and the crazy, you might just find a new way to enjoy the Las Vegas Strip.



By Courtney Minor

Wandering around and writing about it.

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