Get a Peek at Old Vegas at the Neon Museum Las Vegas

The Neon Museum in Downtown Las Vegas was the only real “attraction” on my Vegas itinerary. With only 3 days in the city, I wanted to spend most of my time walking around between downtown and the strip, exploring like a local. I didn’t want to rush around or fill  my schedule to the brim. Besides, there weren’t very many attractions or places in Las Vegas that I really wanted to see anyways.

The Neon Museum was the exception.

I had zero interest in going to the Mob Museum or the Natural History Museum, or any of the costly attractions on the strip. But when I heard about the Neon Museum, I knew I’d absolutely love it.

Las Vegas is known for its neon lights and gigantic signs–you’ll see them all over, refusing to be ignored. The Neon Museum has a collection of old signs from the days of Vegas past. The signs are an integral part of the city’s history, as you’ll learn on a tour through the neon boneyard.

Visiting the Neon Museum

Unfortunately, you can’t explore the collection at the Neon Museum on your own–you must join a guided tour. But like I said, you’ll learn a lot on the one hour tour, with plenty of time to take pictures. There are both day tours and night tours. I took the day tour (because it was cheaper, obviously), but at night they turn on the lights and show off the restored signs in the collection.

The Neon Museum was one of the highlights of my Las Vegas trip and I’m glad I spent the money to see it.

More Info

Location: 770 N Las Vegas Boulevard

Tour Hours: Changes seasonally, check the website

Cost: Day Tours $19 / Night Tours $25


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