Government Gardens // Rotorua, NZ

The Government Gardens in Rotorua is a public park on the shore of Lake Rotorua. While the whole park is beautifully landscaped, gardens are not the only attraction.

The park land was gifted to the British crown in the late 1800s by the local Maori peoples. The land was used to promote the geothermal features of the area to tourists. Gardens were planted, and a European-style bath house and health spa was built. This did indeed attract European tourists, and Rotorua became known for its healing waters.

Today, the Government Gardens is still a great attraction for tourists. The original Bath House is now the Rotorua Museum, which is the best place to go to learn more about the history of Rotorua, and the bath house itself. You can still experience the thermal waters within the park at the Blue Baths. Housed just across from the museum, here at the baths you can relax in an open-air swimming pool. A day pass is just $11.

Rotorua’s Government Gardens

Other than the museum and the baths, there is plenty more to do within the Government Gardens. See the Prince’s Arch & Gateway as you enter the park, then pass by the Te Runanga Tea House and the Band Rotunda. Stroll through the park to take in the beautiful gardens, specifically the Klamath Falls Rose Garden. You’ll find a sculpture garden near the pond, and an impeccably-manicured croquet lawn for public use.

Nearby is the Polynesian Spa and the Tamaki Maori Village. From the gardens you can link up to the Rotorua Walkway, which encompasses 26 km of pathway.

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Head to Government Gardens and visit Rotorua Museum, Blue Baths, and the gardens.






By Courtney Minor

Wandering around and writing about it.

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