TripInn Hostel: An Historic Home Turned Hostel in Westport, New Zealand

Westport, New Zealand is a small town. A really small town. Stepping off the bus, I felt like I was being dropped off in the middle of nowhere, left to fend for myself. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, seeing as Westport does have a main street with shops, a supermarket, and even a bank. It looks like many a small town in New Zealand, but it was much emptier than most of the places I’ve been.

The only reason I went to Westport was to have a base to explore the West Coast. I wanted to see the Charleston Caves, Karamea, and spend as much time hiking as possible. I booked in one night at TripInn Hostel, expecting that I’d be moving on to a new location soon, but I was surprised.

TripInn Hostel is where I met my adventure partner for the week. Immediately upon entering my dorm room, we met and made plans to do some hiking and caving. It worked out perfectly, since I had no idea how I was meant to get anywhere without a car (she had one!).

Staying at the TripInn Hostel

Trip Inn Hostel // Westport, NZ

Trip Inn Hostel // Westport, NZ

But back to the hostel: The TripInn Hostel is an YHA backpackers in Wesport, on New Zealand’s West Coast. It is one of my favorite hostels in the whole of New Zealand. I stayed there in winter, so the place was quiet and mostly empty. But that helped to make it feel like home.

The TripInn is housed in a former “gentleman’s residence” and is protected under New Zealand’s Historic Places Trust. The house itself is stunning, and the gardens out front make it feel quite stately. It definitely sticks out against the empty streets and tiny homes of Westport—it seems like it would fit in better in a place like New Orleans.

The house itself has been transformed into beautiful common areas, including a cozy living room with a fireplace, a modern kitchen, and a spacious dining area. There are also some guest rooms and bathrooms on both floors.

Trip Inn Hostel // Westport, NZ

A newer addition to the hostel is the “annex”, where nice dorm rooms have been built in. Each room opens onto the garden, and the rooms are plenty big, so you don’t feel like you’re staying in a hostel. A large communal bathroom is just next door, with private shower stalls and a laundry room.

The best part of the TripInn hostel is the backyard and gardens. A nice deck juts off the back-end of the house, with seating available for eating or gathering. There are plenty of grassy areas for lounging and camping. They also have a BBQ and picnic area, which would be a really fun place to hangout in the summer.

Trip Inn Hostel // Westport, NZ

Trip Inn Hostel // Westport, NZ

I didn’t like Westport (at all), but I loved the TripInn hostel. I stayed a couple of nights before heading out on other adventures, but I returned for another night on my way back through town. I highly recommend this hostel if you visit New Zealand’s West Coast. It’s clean, spacious, friendly, and it really does feel home-y.

More Info:

TripInn Hostel / YHA Westport

Location: 72 Queen St, Westport, New Zealand

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Spend a night in this historic home turned hostel in Westport, New Zealand. The Trip Inn Hostel is a YHA backpackers

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  1. Did you do the brewery tour run by one of the local companies?

    From my now year old memory I vaguely remembering enjoying this hostel.


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