Travel Announcement: Southern USA Roadtrip

I like to keep you guys updated with my travel plans as much as possible. I usually post about places weeks or months after I’ve visited, so it’s not often that you’re getting real-time stories here on the blog. Social media is the best way to see where I am at any given time.

I’ve been back in the good ole’ USA for almost 3 months now. I left New Zealand on January 23rd, and I’ve sort of been hiding out at home in St. Louis ever since. Why? Well, I’ll get to that story when it has a conclusion.

I’m really excited to finally get back on the road, though. I absolutely love road trips, and there’s no better place to roadtrip than the U.S. It’s my favorite way to travel in general, and definitely my favorite way to see the United States.

Starting this weekend (April 22) I’m going on a roadtrip around part of the Southern USA. While I’d love to do a full-on Southern tour, I’m trying to keep it pretty short. I’m spending a week (+ a few days) on the road, most of it with a good friend who I haven’t seen in a year and a half!

The very loose itinerary is taking me through Kentucky, Tennessee, and little bits of North Carolina and Georgia. I wish I could see a little more, but this is a good start. I’ll be going to Knoxville, Asheville, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I’ll also be hitting up a few other areas focused on the great outdoors in Northern Georgia, and then rounding back up to Chattanooga and Nashville before heading back to St. Louis.

I really wanted to take this route because most of my road trips and adventures around the U.S. have taken me out west. I haven’t seen much of the eastern part of the country at all, even though it’s much closer to my hometown than any part of the western U.S.

By Courtney Minor

Wandering around and writing about it.

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  1. Courtney this sounds like so much fun. I actually traveled the most thru the South; not as a road trip when older, but on individual holidays when I was a wee lad. Awesome place. We enjoyed South Carolina a bunch. Hilton Head and the barrier islands around Charleston rock.



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