How to Transfer Money Overseas When Traveling

As a traveler, I often have to transfer money overseas. I spent last year in New Zealand on a working holiday, so I had to transfer money back and forth between my New Zealand bank account and my home bank account multiple times.

At first I was really nervous about the whole process. I didn’t know how to transfer my money overseas safely, and I didn’t know how to transfer it without paying high fees. As a backpacker, every dollar counts, so the thought of paying $50+ just to move my money from one country to another was out of the question. I searched the internet for the best way to transfer money overseas, and I found a way to do it that I’m really happy with.

I came across Transferwise before flying from the U.S. to New Zealand. It seemed like a great option, so I tried it out. Of course I was still nervous in the beginning, but now I trust the service 100%. I’ve used Transferwise a few times now, and I’ve been so happy with my experience.

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How to Transfer Money Overseas


Why Travelers Need to Transfer Money

There are a lot of reasons why a traveler might need to transfer money overseas.

  • You booked a tour for your upcoming trip & need to pay the tour operator directly
  • You’re working in another country & need to send money back to your home country
  • You’re studying abroad & your family wants to send you money
  • You run a business from your laptop & you need to pay an employee

Whatever the reason, transferring money overseas as a traveler can be confusing, time-consuming, and downright stressful. How do you know your money will be safe and that it will go where it’s supposed to go? Maybe you’re worried the money won’t transfer quickly enough. You’re going to be thinking about it constantly until you see that it’s been transferred safely.

That’s why you need to transfer money overseas with a company you can trust.

What is Transferwise

Transferwise is a money-transferring service. The main goal is to transfer customers’ money between countries while keeping fees as low as possible. Tranferwise also gives you the most accurate exchange rate, while other companies inflate the exchange rate to hide their fees.

How Transferwise Works

You pay Transferwise with a credit card or bank transfer, as you would with any online transaction. It shows up on your statement as if you bought something, rather than showing up as a “transfer”. Instead of actually sending your money to another country, your money goes into Transferwise’s bank account in your country. Next, they use money from their bank account in the country you’re sending to to complete the transaction.

I’ll use my transfer as an example:

I transferred money from the United States to New Zealand. When I transferred my money with Transferwise, my money went into their U.S. bank account. Then Transferwise used money from their New Zealand bank account to send the money where it needed to go (in this case, my New Zealand bank account).

Transferwise has accounts in countries all over the world, allowing them to mimic this simple type of transaction for you across borders.

Is Transferwise a Safe Way to Transfer Money Overseas?

This is probably your first question when it comes to financial services and transferring your money. You want to trust that your money is being handled safely and accurately. You want to make sure that you really get what the service says you will get. You want to be certain that you won’t lose your money once it leaves your bank account. These are all legitimate concerns.

I’m happy to say that my money was converted, transferred, and delivered as stated. There were zero problems with the process, and it only took a few days. That being said, make sure you read up on all terms and conditions before using any financial service.

My Experience Using Transferwise

I gave you the short version of my experience with Transferwise at the beginning of this article, but I’m going to go into a little more detail here.

I went to New Zealand on a working holiday visa last year, and I opened a bank account before I went. I wanted to separate my money and set it up in my New Zealand bank account ahead of time, that way I wouldn’t have to worry about accessing my money or paying exchange fees when I got there. So I transferred $2,500 USD to my New Zealand bank account a couple of weeks before I went. I was unsure if I could truly trust it, but within just a few days, my money was transferred successfully.

At the end of my New Zealand working holiday, I had to transfer my money again. I had to close my New Zealand bank account before leaving the country, so I needed to transfer all the money I earned back to my U.S. bank account. I turned to Transferwise once again, and the process was just as smooth and fast as the first time.

Why You Should Use Transferwise

If you need to transfer your money to another country, and you want the process to be simple, then you should definitely use Transferwise.

Transferwise makes the process fast, easy, and stress-free. It’s always tough to trust your money with a company you’ve never used before, but I endorse it, and I know plenty of other travelers who do too.

If you want to try out Transferwise to transfer your money, I can help you out. If you use this link, you can transfer up to $500 for FREE. You won’t be charged any fees for that first transfer, so take advantage of it and try it out.

I do receive a small referral credit if you use my link, however there will be no extra cost to you—like I said, that first transfer is completely free for you. If you’re still unsure, feel free to email me with any questions about the service, and I can help you out!

Disclaimer: I will receive a referral credit if you sign up for Transferwise through my link and transfer at least $300. However, this post is not otherwise sponsored or affiliated with Transferwise.
















By Courtney Minor

Wandering around and writing about it.


  1. Transferwise really is amazing! We have been using it quite a bit as my hubby is Aussie and we live in Canada. As well, when we lived in the UK we had to frequently transfer pounds to CDN or AUD. Thank you for joining Fly Away friday and we hope to see you this week!


  2. Oh wow Courtney! This is SUCH a helpful post for anyone trying to send money, which applies for A LOT of people I’m sure! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you this weekend! xo


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