Top Travel Accessories: 4 Things I Bring on Every Trip

I’m a big proponent of packing light so I generally don’t bring much with me when I travel besides clothing and toiletries. I don’t bring a bunch of extra stuff or gadgets or whatever fancy things people think they need to travel. I keep it minimal.

However, there are a few things I truly need when I travel. I have a handful of travel accessories I like to pack for every trip to make my life a little bit easier. These things just make my trips run smoothly. I think everyone should have their go-to travel accessories so they can pack quickly without worrying about forgetting something important.

Some people bring camera gear, some people bring a lot of health or beauty products, and some people like to fill their suitcases with gadgets. It really just depends on what kind of traveler you are, and what you like to do when traveling. While I might bring a few different products for specific trips, there are a couple of things I pack no matter what.

Wherever I’m going in the world, these are the 4 top travel accessories I bring with me on every trip.

These are my top travel accessories. No matter where I go, I always bring these 4 things with me when I travel.

My Top Travel Accessories

Packing Cubes

When I started using packing cubes, they made such a difference in my packing routine. Packing cubes keep your clothes organized, so you can easily find what you need without creating a mess. They also help to condense your items so that they take up less space in your luggage. They’re especially great if you’re using a backpack, but I use them no matter what. Even if I’m just taking a weekend bag for a quick trip, I still pack my clothes into packing cubes first.

Get your own: TravelWise Packing Cube 5-Piece Set

Water Bottle

Hydration is key when traveling. Drinking plenty of water will help you to feel energized, and it will prevent headaches on long journeys. I always bring my own water bottle when traveling for quite a few reasons. The biggest reason is that I hate buying plastic water bottles—they cost money AND they’re bad for the environment. Bring your own bottle to fill up at the water fountain, in your hotel, or at a restaurant. It’s especially helpful to have your own water bottle if you’re an active traveler. You’ll need it when you go out on a hike or any time you’re outside in the heat.

Get your own: Nalgene On The Fly Water Bottle

Travel Towel

I have a couple of microfiber travel towels that I bring with me on every trip. They fold up really small, so they don’t take up much space. They also dry quickly, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a wet towel. If you’re staying in hostels, these are absolutely necessary, as hostels either charge you for a towel or don’t offer them at all. Even if I’m staying in a traditional hotel, I like to bring a travel towel for other things. It’s nice to have one in transit in case something spills, and I like having a towel I can throw in my daypack when I go hiking.

Get your own: Microfiber Travel Towel

Universal Power Adapter

In my opinion, the universal travel adapter is the ULTIMATE travel accessory. The last thing I want to do before each and every trip is to try and figure out which adapters I’m going to need for each country, and I definitely don’t want to carry around multiple adapters on one trip. The universal power adapter makes it easy to plug your devices in to any outlet in any country. It has been one of my most useful travel purchases so far.

Get your own: Skross PRO World Travel Adapter


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