The Perfect East Nashville Airbnb

East Nashville Airbnb

Since returning to the States last year, Airbnb has become my new favorite form of accommodation. They’re the perfect option for short getaways and city breaks. I stayed in one on my quick trip to Kansas City last September, and I stayed in one again during my recent trip to Nashville.

I usually choose Airbnbs when I visit a city that doesn’t have any hostels (a common reality here in the U.S.). While Nashville does have a couple, they weren’t in my ideal location. I was set on spending my time in East Nashville rather than Downtown. And I definitely wanted to have some peace and quiet; I just wasn’t up for socializing on this trip.

So I went browsing for a last-minute Airbnb in Nashville. A lot of people say they use Airbnb because it’s cheaper than a hotel, but I guess that depends on where you are. In my experience, that is not always the case. I come across so many “$80/night” rentals that are actually $120/night once you add in fees. Um, I’m on a budget, thank you.

But I always end up finding a couple of gems when searching Airbnb: those super cute, cozy, clean places that are like $50/night, have low fees, and happen to be available on my exact dates of travel.

And that’s exactly what I got with this East Nashville Airbnb.

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East Nashville Airbnb

East Nashville Airbnb

East Nashville Airbnb

East Nashville Airbnb


Let’s start with the location, because that’s a pretty important factor when choosing an Airbnb. I knew I wanted to stay in East Nashville, so I focused on homes in that area. There were lots of options, but one place stuck out right away.

For me, this East Nashville Airbnb is ideally-located. It’s close to the highway for quick arrival and departure; it’s a short drive from all the restaurants and shops; it’s an easy drive to Downtown Nashville; and it’s tucked away on a residential street where things are quiet. If you don’t have a car, you won’t want to stay here, but driving is the easiest way to get around Nashville. Staying a bit outside of the city will save you some money.

I arrived after dark and I didn’t read the directions correctly, so I did have trouble finding the place. But once I realized my mistake, I was like oh, duh. It’s one street over.


I’ll admit that one of the reasons I love staying in Airbnbs is the interior design inspo. I used to dream of being a designer (among many other things), and I still get a kick out of beautifully-designed homes. I like seeing how people choose to decorate and what they fill their homes with. That’s really the thing about Airbnb: you’re staying in someone’s home, and it has such a nice vibe compared to a hotel.

The little blue house I stayed in was just adorable. It’s a 2-bedroom home (one is off-limits to guests) with a kitchen, living room, and one bathroom. It’s the perfect size for one or two people. The house is a bit older so you will notice some creaks here and there, but I think that gives a home some character.

The decor is simple, but I loved the gemstone night light and cabinet in the living room, and all of the little monogrammed items placed around the house. It’s details like that that make a place feel home-y.


This Nashville Airbnb has everything I could have wanted for a short stay. There are plenty of dishes and cookware for meals at home, plus a few snacks to nibble on when hunger strikes. The bathroom is small but it has fresh towels and extra toiletries. The bed is incredibly comfortable, and there is a spacious closet in the bedroom.

I spent most of my time lounging in the living room, and I took full advantage of the flatscreen and Roku. I watched House Hunters International every night while working on my laptop from the comfy couch.


The hosts of this East Nashville Airbnb are super friendly and attentive. I’ve had hosts in the past who were basically non-existent, which is mostly okay by me (I like my privacy). But it was so lovely to have hosts who texted, checked in, and made sure I had everything I needed. It was comforting to know that they were just a phone call away and I wouldn’t have to wait around if something happened. They also sent great restaurant recommendations before I even arrived.

I would absolutely love to stay here again when I return to Nashville. If you’re looking for an Airbnb in East Nashville, this is my recommendation!

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