Best Travel Journals to Help You Plan & Document Your Trip

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A collection of the best travel journals. These cute and practical journals will help you plan your next trip, keep track of ideas, and document it along the way.

I absolutely love notebooks and journals. I have a million of them sitting around (yes, many of them unused) because I’m always writing things down. I use notebooks in my everyday life to write down my thoughts, make to do lists, and keep track of everything going on in my life. And I use journals just as much when I travel.

My travel bag ALWAYS has a travel journal in it, and usually a couple other notebooks as well. They help me to plan my trip, make itineraries, document my trip as I go, and write down all the ideas I get when I’m feeling inspired. As a travel blogger, I also use them to record notes and information about the places I visit so that I can share it all with you guys!

There are so many cute travel notebooks and journals out there. There are journals focused on documenting your trip, journals focused on planning your trip, and empty notebooks with plenty of space for you to just write. I’ve gathered 10 of the best travel journals that will help you with every aspect of traveling, from pre-trip planning to post-trip memories.

Whether you’re looking for a fun travel journal for your next trip, something to help you remember your past travels, or a gift for a friend or family member that loves to travel, you’ll find the perfect one right here!

Roundup of the 10 BEST Travel Journals to help you plan and document your next trip. #traveljournals #travelgifts #travel

Best Travel Journals Travel Planner

I LOVE travel accessories. This travel planner is perfect for someone who likes to stay organized. It’s got a calendar to keep track of travel dates, a section to plan out your travel days, cute stickers, and so much more. The “I’m Outta Here” design on the front is so fun, but they’ve also got a floral pattern.

pink travel journal with text on front cover "I'm Outta Here"
Image courtesy of

→Buy: Ι Amazon

Ultimate Travel Journal

My mom gave me this travel journal as a gift last year and it’s one of my favorites. It has absolutely everything you need to organize, plan, and document your trip. There are lined pages, scrapbook style pages, stickers, pull out map, envelopes & folders to store documents, and more.

→Buy: Travel Journal Ι Mead

Scratch Travelogue

With this journal, you have plenty of space to plan and write about your travels, checklists included. But the really cool part is the scratch off maps of each continent that come with it. They fit inside an envelope so they’re easy to take with you!

scratch off maps travel journal
Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

→Buy: Uncommon Goods Ι Amazon

Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine has some of the most classic notebooks, no matter how you choose to document your trips. Get a lined notebook for writers, a blank journal for doodlers, or the Voyageur notebook for travel planners. You can’t go wrong.

dark blue moleskine notebook
Image courtesy of Moleskine

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Wandrd Travel Journal

This high-quality journal is both beautifully designed and practical. It’s filled with checklists, travel conversions, maps, lined pages, and more so you can plan every step of your trip in one place. Watch their video to see all the awesome features.

yellow travel journal
Image courtesy of Wandrd

→Buy: Travel Journal Ι Wandrd

Travel Stub Diary

If you want an easy way to keep all of your ticket stubs, postcards, and other bits from your travels, this is the perfect option. Maybe you don’t want to scrapbook or write down every detail, but keeping these small items will still help you remember your travels. I always keep ticket stubs and things simply as a record of memory.

travel stub diary
Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

→Buy: Uncommon Goods Ι Amazon

Moleskine City Notebooks

Okay, Moleskine gets another mention because they have SO many beautiful notebooks and journals for travelers. These City Notebooks includes map and blank pages to some of the best cities around the world, allowing you to create your own travel guide as you go. Get one city or get the whole boxed collection!

box set of city notebooks
Image courtesy of Moleskine

→Buy: Moleskine Ι Amazon

Erin Condren Travel Journal

Erin Condren is THE brand for planners. This cute travel planner makes it easy to stay organized for your trip. There’s space to record reservations, plan out each day of your trip, make a packing list, and more.

travel planner with text on front "always take the scenic route"
Image courtesy of Erin Condren

→Buy: Amazon

Rifle Paper Co. Journal

Rifle Paper Co. has some of the most beautiful notebooks and stationary out there right now. I love their entire collection, but the travel essentials journal is perfect for wanderlust. This is great for anyone who just wants a basic journal to write in. I also adore the pocket notebooks to throw in my bag and jot down notes.

travel journal with illustrated cover
Image courtesy of Rifle Paper Co

→Buy: Travel Essentials Journal Ι Amazon

Travel Zip Journal

This fun travel journal has space to write about your travels, about the awesome people you meet, and plan your daily itinerary. The journal comes in a bunch of different designs, so whether you want something flashy or something simple, there’s one for you.

travel journal with palm tree design on front cover
Image courtesy of Cotton On

→Buy: Travel Zip Journal Ι Cotton On

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I just love notebooks and journals, so it was hard to choose only 10. But I truly think these are the best travel journals out there. So whether you’re looking for one for your next trip, or planning to gift one to a fellow travel lover, hopefully one of these journals is right for you.

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