American Writers Museum in Chicago, Illinois

American Writers Museum Chicago

If you’re a writer or an avid reader, make sure you check out the American Writers Museum. This is the perfect thing to do in Chicago on a rainy day.

As a writer, I was excited to learn there was a museum in Chicago dedicated to the craft. Specifically, a museum dedicated to some of the greatest American writers and their stories. I had to stop in to see what kind of exhibits were on display, and it ended up being the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

The American Writers Museum is a small space on the second floor of the building. It’s located in Downtown Chicago, right in the heart of the city, less than a block from Millennium Park. I walked past it two or three times before I finally found it, as there is no big sign or display out front. But once I entered, things were a bit easier to navigate.

Like I said, the space is small so it’s not an expansive museum, but I still managed to spend an hour or two inside. There are a handful of exhibits filled with photographs, books, and interesting facts about some of your favorite writers, like Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Shirley Jackson, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and more.

Then you enter the Readers Hall, where you can sit down to read some of the best American novels. Find new books to add to your reading list or revisit classic stories that you’ve always loved.

American Writers Museum Chicago sign on white wall

Past the Readers Hall are the more interactive exhibits. Get inside the mind of a writer with multimedia exhibits.

A table filled with typewriters gives you an opportunity to type out your own stories, or continue someone else’s. Another table with a large built-in screen gives you more information about some of the best American Writers. Read their words, hear them read aloud, and get some interesting information behind famous stories.

Whether you are a writer yourself, or just an avid reader, this museum will be enjoyable for a quick thing to do in Chicago. You’ll only need about an hour to get through everything, but on a rainy day, you could easily linger in their a bit longer.

Tip: Adult admission is $12, but if you sign up for their emails, you can get 20% off your ticket price when purchasing online.

books on a table

readers hall at the American Writers Museum Chicago

black and white photos framed on a wall

More Information – American Writers Museum

Address: 180 N. Michigan Avenue, 2nd Floor (Google Maps)

Hours: Daily 10 am – 5 pm

Price: $12


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