Ursa Major Skin Care Review (Best Natural Skin Care for Travel)

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I’m reviewing some Ursa Major Skin Care products to let you know what I love and what I won’t be purchasing again. This brand has great natural skin care products for travel or home!

Over the past six months, I’ve turned into a bit of a skincare junkie. I used to just buy a drugstore face wash, slap on a moisturizer, and call it a day. I didn’t think much about the products I was using, what was in them, or what brand I was buying.

Now that I have a full on multi-step skincare routine at home, I’m paying more attention to the travel skincare products I use too. A few months ago, a few different people recommended Ursa Major Skin Care to me, and I immediately purchased a few things to try out!

I enjoyed testing these products out, and I’ve found a few items that I will definitely add into my beauty routine moving forward (like the Ursa Major Face Wash and Ursa Major Face Balm). I love some of these things specifically for my travel skincare routine because of the size and the simplicity.

Keep reading to get my full Ursa Major Review on various products. Find out what I LOVED and what I won’t be buying again.

Ursa Major Skincare Review

Ursa Major Skin Care

Ursa Major is dedicated to creating natural skin care products for all. They’re fresh, clean, and simple. It’s all about the essentials to keep your skin looking good, no fluff or frills.

What you need to know:

  • Natural Skin Care Products
  • Made for All Skin Types
  • Cruelty-Free Skin Care (most products are Vegan)
  • Just the Essentials
  • Unisex Skincare

In addition to the skin care products, they also have quite a few products for hair and body, including a gentle shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, bar soap, and deodorant. I haven’t tried any of those (except the deodorant), but I would definitely like to try the shampoo and conditioner as a natural alternative to the other stuff I use.

Ursa Major Skin Care Trial Kit

Ursa Major Trial Kit Review

The Bestseller’s Trial Kit is the best way to get acquainted with the Ursa Major brand and all of their products. It’s filled with trial sizes of some of their top products, and it makes a handy travel skin care kit! The kit is only $25, which is well worth it to try out the products.

What’s Included:

  • Fantastic Face Wash
  • Fortifying Face Balm
  • 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic
  • Essential Face Wipes
  • Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

Get Your Trial Kit Here

travel size skin care products arranged on a white background

Best Natural Skin Care for Travel

If you’re looking for natural skin care products for your travel skincare routine, then you definitely need to try this brand. In addition to the regular full sizes, all of their products come in travel sizes too (less than 3 oz, so they are okay to pack in your carry on).

The Ursa Major Trial Kit makes a great little travel skin care kit, but they also have an actual Travel Essentials Kit as well. It has the same stuff, but with more product compared to the trial sizes. If you are going to order one of the kits specifically for a trip under 2 weeks, I’d recommend just getting the trial kit, since it is cheaper.

If you want the full size products for home, you can always transfer them into reusable travel-size bottles/containers for your trip to help prevent waste.

Ursa Major Skin Care Products Review

I want to go through product by product and talk about everything I tried. After testing everything out, there are some products I DEFINITELY want to re-order to use again, and a couple that didn’t really work for me.

This is a good time to note that this post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Ursa Major. I purchases these products on my own to try out, with no contact or input from the brand. I just wanted to give an honest review for anyone interested in trying out these skin care products for travel or for every day life.

travel size bottle of Ursa Major face wash

Ursa Major Face Wash

The Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash is a gentle foaming face wash formula. I typically don’t like foaming formulas because it just doesn’t work with my skin (combination skin), but I didn’t have any issues with this face wash! It cleaned my face without stripping away all the natural oils from my skin.

It has a very light cedar, lime, and spearmint scent that leaves a fresh and cooling feeling as you wash your face.


I really do like this face wash and I definitely recommend it. However, I do prefer cream cleansers for my regular skincare routine, so I probably won’t buy this on a regular basis.

Find it Here

sample of facial lotion

Ursa Major Daily Defense Lotion

It’s so important to use a facial moisturizer every day that includes SPF! The Ursa Major Daily Defense Lotion has SPF 18 to help protect your skin from daily sun exposure, so I really appreciate that.

I only had a small sample of this product, so I’d need to try using it a little more before making a final decision on this one.


Based on limited experience with this product, I would definitely order a full size of this lotion to try out again.

Find it Here

Ursa Major face wipe packets

Ursa Major Face Wipes

The Essential Face Wipes are by far my favorite Ursa Major skin care product. I always bring some form of skin care wipes with me when traveling. I use them to remove makeup, to freshen up my skin in transit, or when I’m too lazy to wash my face. The Ursa Major face wipes are perfect for all of this.

They are made with the same 4-in-1 face tonic that you’ll hear more about below, but in the form of a wipe. They come in individually wrapped packets, so you can throw as many as you need in your bag before you go.


I’ve already re-ordered a pack of these wipes to take with me on my next trip! They have become a fast travel skincare favorite.

Find it Here

travel size Ursa Major deodorant

Ursa Major Deodorant

The Ursa Major Deodorant is one of the products I’ve heard about the most since I first learned about this brand. There are now three types of deodorant to choose from: Hoppin’ Fresh (this is what I tried), Forest Fix Deodorant, and Base Layer Deodorant.

This is a natural deodorant, and it IS NOT an antiperspirant. This difference is important, because most people probably don’t realize there even is a difference. As a deodorant, it will stop the odor, but it won’t stop your pits from sweating.

I really like the cooling effect this deodorant has when you first apply it, and I love the fresh scent. However, every time I used it, I ended up with irritated skin by the next day. I can only assume it’s the baking soda.


If I decide to re-order Ursa Major deodorant, I will opt for the No B.S. (Base Layer) Deodorant instead of the Hoppin’ Fresh. There is no baking soda in the No B.S. Deodorant (get it?), so that one might work better for my sensitive skin.

Find it Here

small bottle of Ursa Major face balm

Ursa Major Face Balm

The Ursa Major Face Balm is a gel moisturizer that does a great job of hydrating skin. I like that this lotion is lightweight and spreads easily, but still moisturizes your skin really well. Some moisturizers are super thin and greasy, but this one isn’t! Just like the other products, the scent is super fresh and natural.

I prefer to use this in my nighttime skincare routine, rather than as a daily moisturizer. It really helps to make my skin feel smooth after being out and about all day.


I love this face balm! But there are so many face creams out there that I like, so I probably won’t make this my regular go-to. However, I do highly recommend it.

Find it Here

small bottle of Ursa Major face tonic

Ursa Major Face Tonic

This 4-in-1 face tonic is made with aloe, sugarcane, green tea, birch sap, and more. It can be used to clean, brighten, soothe, and hydrate.

Overall, I like the face tonic. I like that you can use it in different ways, and it has a nice feeling to it when you put it on. However, the travel size comes with a spray cap for application, and I personally don’t want to apply the tonic this way. If I were to re-order, I’d get the full size with a flip cap instead so I can easily use it with cotton pads to wipe my face.


I won’t be re-ordering this product, mostly because of what I said above. And since the face wipes are actually just the face tonic in wipe form, I’d prefer to use those instead.

Find it Here

Other Ursa Major Products

The next thing I’m looking to try is their Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum. Serums are my new must-have skin care product, so I’d love to test theirs out.

They also have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, shave cream, and a face mask.

Where to Buy Ursa Major Skin Care

Ursa Major Skin Care is available in the U.S., Canada, and Norway. You can buy their products from a handful of online retailers, but the best place to buy it is directly from their website.

Other Places to Buy Ursa Major Skin Care:

Quick Shop

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Let me know if you end up trying out Ursa Major Skin Care. I’m definitely happy with their products, and will continue to use them in the future. Are there any other natural skin care brands you would recommend? What about general skin care products for travel? I’m always looking for new stuff to try!

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