LX Factory Lisbon, Portugal

The LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal is a creative complex of shops, restaurants, and more. It’s one of the coolest things to do in Lisbon!

The LX Factory has become one of Lisbon’s best things to do in the last couple of years. Travelers might spend most of their time diving into the city’s historic attractions, riding the trams, and indulging in pasteis de nata, but this artistic entertainment district has become one of the Must-Do Things on most Lisbon lists.

This is one of those places that used to be considered “off-the-beaten-path”, not only because it’s a completely different kind of “attraction”, but also because it’s located in the Alcantara neighborhood; certainly not out of the way entirely, but not in the tourist center of the city. That’s not to say it’s hard to get to with public transport, but I do think that little bit of distance still gives it the opportunity to keep its local, artistic vibe.

First and foremost, the LX Factory is a creative community where locals and expats in Lisbon can gather in thoughtful spaces and interact amongst independent businesses and creators. The touristic appeal is only secondary

The LX Factory is one of the coolest things to do in Lisbon, Portugal. This creative hub is filled with shops, restaurants, and plenty of street art. #lisbon #lxfactory #portugal #traveldaze

LX Factory Lisbon, Portugal

Okay, so what exactly IS Lisbon’s LX Factory? The best way to describe it is a “creative hub”, or an artistic entertainment district.

An old factory and industrial complex in the Alcantara neighborhood is the home of the LX Factory (previously housing a textile company and food processing company throughout the years). Now it has been transformed into a collection of restaurants, shops, and creative spaces.

The places you’ll find here range from book stores to cafes to salons to co-working spaces. There really is a bit of everything creative you can think of.

The complex is cut off from road traffic, so you can wander the area, pop into anywhere that looks interesting, and admire the street art along the way. It’s a really enjoyable place to spend an afternoon, with plenty to keep you busy!

I won’t sit here and list every single place there (that’s what their website is for), but I will talk about some of the standout spots you should check out while you’re there. Consider this my curated guide to the LX Factory!

LX Factory Restaurants

You can find a pretty good range of cuisines here. Get burgers, Portuguese food, Mexican food, light bites, coffee, desserts, and more at the various restaurants. Here are my favorites:

    • WISH Slow Coffee House // Of course I’m starting with a coffee shop, don’t act surprised. This is definitely the best place for good coffee in the LX Factory.
    • Cantina // This place describes itself as “an original gastronomic concept with a strong inspiration in Portuguese traditions where the wood oven is the main protagonist”.
    • Café Na Fabrica // A small café with espresso and quick bites. The inside is so cute, and there’s space to eat outside as well.
    • Lxeesecake // If you love cheesecake, stop here for dessert!
    • Chef Nino – Creperie & Gelataria // Grab a crepe or gelato at this adorable spot.

shop window at LX Factory

LX Factory Shops

The shops at the LX Factory are all creative, independent stores filled with unique items. Find vintage shops, bookstores, home goods, and so much more as you wander through them. Here are my favorites:

    • Muito Muito // If you’re a fan of vintage and antique decor, pop into this shop to take a look around.
    • Nae // Nae is a Portuguese footwear brand that makes vegan shoes.
    • Organii // Here you can find organic and ethically-made beauty products.
    • Mag Kisok // This place sells magazines inside of a shipping container. A great place to grab some extra reading material.

Ler Devagar Bookstore

This shop is so cool, it gets its own section! The Ler Devagar Bookstore at the LX Factory is place you may have seen in photos. It’s just so…photogenic. You can pick up some books, grab coffee or food at the café, or just sneak in for some photos.

Other Cool Places at the LX Factory

Besides the shops and restaurants, there are a lot of other cool, creative places dotted around the LX Factory. After all the eating and shopping, you can work, stay, and play here too.

    • The Dorm Hostel // If you really want to spend time in this artistic hub, consider staying the night at the hostel. It’s inside of the complex, so you’re always just a few steps away from food and fun.
    • Cowork Lisboa // Are you working while traveling? You can pop into this coworking space to get some work done, and go explore when you need a break. You can buy daily/weekly passes if you’re just visiting Lisbon.

LX Factory sign in Lisbon, Portugal

How to Get to the LX Factory

Like I said earlier, the LX Factory isn’t located near the center of the city, where most travelers will be based. It’s in the Alcantara neighborhood, which is about equidistance between the city center and Belem (another popular tourist area).

Because it’s sort of on the way to Belem, many visitors will stop by the LX Factory on the way back into the city after a day of sightseeing on the other side of Lisbon.

Your two main options for getting to the LX Factory from the city center are walking or taking public transport.

If the weather is nice and you have the time, you can walk along the waterfront all the way over to the Ponte 25 de Abril, and then up to the LX Factory. It’s about a 3 km walk, but you get to see a lot along the way. I did this walk on my first day in the city and really enjoyed it.

If you’re short on time, just use public transport. Catch a bus or tram from Cais do Sodre station (across from the Time Out Market). The 728 bus will drop you off just outside the LX Factory.

Another option would be to use Uber. This is an easy way to get around the city, but the other two options will be cheaper.

LX Factory

looking up at the ponte de abril 25 from the LX Factory

More Info

Address: R. Rodrigues de Faria (Map)


Nearby: Oriente Museum, MAAT, Museu de Carris, the waterfront, and it’s right under the Ponte 25 de Abril (the big red bridge).

So if art, food, coffee, and creative people are on your list of favorite things, then you definitely need to visit the LX Factory while you’re in Lisbon. Consider it the hipster’s center of the city, if you will.

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The LX Factory is one of the coolest things to do in Lisbon, Portugal. This creative hub is filled with shops, restaurants, and plenty of street art. #lisbon #lxfactory #portugal #traveldaze

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