Porto Hotel Review: NH Collection Porto Batalha

Wondering where to stay in Porto, Portugal? Here’s an honest review of the NH Collection Porto Batalha.

I am not a luxury traveler by any means. I’m ALL about traveling on a budget, and that is most often reflected in my accommodation choices. I love hostels and Airbnbs. It’s rare that I’ll spend more than $50 a night for somewhere to sleep, and almost absurd to think that that I’d ever spend $100 or more.

If you read this blog regularly, then you already know this. So today’s blog post is going to shock some of you.

I stayed in a hotel in Porto, Portugal that cost about $265/night. (Yes, I paid for this out of my own pocket. Also note that I booked the day of, for a holiday weekend, so the price was slightly higher than usual.)

I’m tempted to write a long story about my mindset during this part of my travels around Portugal, but I’m going to save you from all that. You probably don’t want to hear about why I decided to treat myself to a luxury hotel in Porto, when typically I’d be staying in a hostel instead. Maybe I had listened to Ariana Grande’s ‘7 Rings’ one too many times, who knows.

I’ll just say this: I spent almost $800 for three nights in Porto (which could have easily paid for a month’s worth of accommodation), and I’m more than happy with my decision to splurge for once in my life.

Because, dare I say it, YOLO.

Porto Hotel Review

So where did you stay in Porto, you ask? Once I decided I was going to go all out, I started by casually browsing through a few $100/night options. Because $100 was “going all out” for me. Things quickly took a turn though, and before I knew it, I put in my credit card information and booked my stay at the NH Collection Porto Batalha.

I was actually already in Porto when I booked this hotel, staying in a hostel around the corner. It was near Batalha Square, so I walked through the area every day as I made my way to and from the hostel. During those first few days, I kept walking past a palatial pink building in the main square that caught my eye. Turns out it was the NH Hotel Porto.

When I was looking to change accommodation, this place immediately popped into my mind. The location was perfect, and while browsing through photos of the hotel, my subconscious just kept saying “you deserve this”.

Now, I’m not sure what I really did to “deserve” this, but hey, it’s my hard-earned money and I’ll do what I please with it.

NH Collection Porto Batalha

And now we arrive at the NH Collection Porto Hotel.

I lugged my stuff from the hostel over to the hotel to check in mid-afternoon on a Thursday. Upon walking into the lobby, I quickly shrugged off the feeling that I didn’t quite belong there; I’m an adult, I work hard for my money, and I was paying just as much to stay as anyone else. Besides, I ditched my leggings-and-raggedy-t-shirt-backpacker-wardrobe long ago (along with my backpack), so no one else could possibly know that I’m typically a hostel gal, rather than a luxury hotel kinda woman.

The front desk staff was kind and welcoming, and the check-in process was quick and smooth.

The Hotel: History of the NH Collection Porto

The NH Porto Hotel has some history, as do most buildings in the city center. The hotel is housed in a 300-year-old palace. It was built in the 18th century as a home for one of Porto’s richest men. It was so grand, it became a meeting point for high society.

While the interior is fully updated and modern, it retains the character of the former home. The façade still holds the grandeur of a palace, and it is an integral part of Praca da Batalha.

First Impressions

As soon as I walked into my room at the NH Collection Porto Batalha, any thought of “oh my god, what have I done (to my bank account)?” disappeared.

I immediately opened the balcony door, stepped outside, and took in the view of Batalha Square from up on the 5th floor (the top floor of the hotel). That view made me feel like I was truly living a life of luxury, with the Teatro Nacional São João right across from me, and people meandering through the square below.

The Room

The room was fresh, clean, bright, and inviting. I’d consider the size of the room to be pretty average for a hotel, but it might seem slightly small to some. The bathroom was very spacious, though.

I absolutely loved the bed, and I slept so well every night. The room had a flatscreen TV (which I didn’t use), a well-stocked mini bar (which I did use), and plenty of closet space. I actually unpacked my suitcase and hung everything up, because for some reason THAT feels luxurious to me.

The bathroom was spotless. It had a large bathtub with a really nice shower, a double sink, and a bidet. The usual toiletries were provided, along with a robe and slippers.

The Amenities

In the lobby of the hotel, there is a full-service restaurant, as well as a bar. You get a voucher for a free glass of port wine when you check in, so it’s likely you’ll end up at the bar at some point. There is also a wellness and spa center, with a sauna, hydrotherapy pool, and fitness center.

A breakfast buffet and 24-hour room service are available. There are lots of other services here to make your stay comfortable, but I didn’t really take advantage of most of them.

The Location: Porto Batalha Square

Porto is a pretty small city, so you can stay in any of the main areas and be close enough to walk to attractions and sites. However, I really do think Batalha is one of the best areas to stay in Porto. It’s close to São Bento train station, just around the corner from the Dom Luis Bridge, and near lots of restaurants and other things to do.

Batalha Square is a lively area with lots of people walking through during the day. So you’re close to everything, but it’s still very quiet at night.

Was it Worth it?

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at the NH Collection Porto Batalha. I know traveling all the time sounds glamorous, but it’s not usually much of a vacation for me. Since I work on the road and try to stick to a small budget, it can actually be quite hectic at times.

But I felt really relaxed at this Porto hotel, and I’m happy with my decision to splurge for a few nights.

I know most of you are used to seeing budget accommodation from me, so this is definitely something different. But if you feel like treating yourself while in Porto, make this the hotel you choose!

NH Collections Porto Batalha Information

4* Hotel

Part of the NH Hotel Group

Address: Praca da Batalha, 60-65

Price Range: $$$

Check-in: 3:00 pm

Check-out: 12:00 pm (noon)


How to Book: Hotels Combined, Booking.com, Trip Advisor

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