Stowaway Cosmetics Review: Travel Makeup Made Easy

Stowaway Cosmetics is a beauty brand that makes travel size makeup. This is my honest review of the products (NOT sponsored).

I first heard about Stowaway Cosmetics a couple of years ago, and I’ve been wanting to try out their products ever since. Earlier this year, I was planning my two month trip to Portugal. Since I was packing carry-on only (as usual), it seemed like a great time to put a travel size makeup kit together to take with me.

I bought five items: concealer, translucent powder, mascara, eye palette, and a lipstick. Other than eyebrow gel and a cream highlighter stick, that’s all the makeup I brought with me. It’s a pretty basic travel makeup kit, but I try to keep my makeup to a minimum when I travel.

This is the makeup I used while traveling through Portugal, and it lasted me the entire two months (and then some). Keep reading to get my full review of each of the products.

Stowaway Cosmetics Review

Best Travel Makeup

Stowaway Cosmetics makes travel makeup easy: easy to find the right products, easy to pack for your trip, and easy to use before they expire! Products are all smaller than typical items you’d throw in your purse or pocket.

What’s So Great About It

    • Perfect travel size makeup
    • All the basics you need
    • Quality ingredients
    • Multi-tasking products
    • Simple packaging
    • Affordable price point

The Products

Here’s a selection of the makeup on offer. You can find all the basics you need, nothing extra that will just take up space in your makeup bag.

There are a handful of other products on the site, but these are the ones that caught my eye. I bought a few, and plan to try the others another time.

Stowaway Travel Makeup Review

Here’s a quick review of the products I tried and tested, which ones I loved, and which ones I will (or won’t) buy again. I want to mention again, this is in no way sponsored by Stowaway Cosmetics. I bought and reviewed these products independently.

Translucent Powder

Face powders usually come in huge containers, which makes it almost impossible to carry around with you for touch ups. The size of this one makes it really easy to take with you everywhere, so you can keep shine to a minimum while you’re out and about. This is my new favorite powder compact to take with me everywhere!

Find it Here

Crème Lipstick

I’m not typically a lipstick kind of gal, which is why I decided to give the Stowaway Crème Lipstick a try. It’s important to step out of your comfort zone!

I love that you can throw this little tube in your bag on the go, and if you’re not wearing it every day (like me), then it’s such a great size. The color was really flattering on my fair skin, and it didn’t feel cakey or drying at all (the reason I usually hate lip products).

This will definitely be my go-to lipstick for those special occasions.

Find it Here

Eyeshadow Palette

Stowaway eye shadow palettes are the size of a credit card! It makes it so easy to take with you anywhere. Eyeshadow palettes are often the biggest makeup item, which takes up too much space in your suitcase. But with this one, you get a full set of 8 colors in one compact item.

I got the Essential Eye Palette, and there’s also a Smokey Eye Palette. Normally I wouldn’t pay $20 for a palette this size, but I do like the colors and quality. I never had to worry about it breaking or shattering like some shadows do, so I think it’s worth the price!

Find it Here

Waterproof Lengthening Mascara

Mascara is my favorite makeup item; even if I don’t wear any other makeup, I still want a bit of mascara to open up my eyes. I’m pretty picky about which ones I use, so this was the ultimate test of Stowaway cosmetics for me.

I absolutely love how it looks on my lashes, and I love that it’s super waterproof (really useful while traveling). I did have a hard time getting it off my lashes at the end of the day, though. It does exactly what it says it does! I advise using an oil-based makeup remover for this one, but that’s something I don’t pack while traveling.

Once I started using it for just a light layer, I actually really liked it. It does a great job at lengthening your lashes and making them look natural. The size was perfect for my two month trip to Portugal; enough to last the whole trip, but none of it went to waste.

Find it Here

Creaseless Concealer

I go for very light coverage with my face makeup. I don’t wear foundation most days, and I just like a bit of concealer under my eyes and in spots where I tend to get red. I typically don’t need this type of concealer (more of a medium coverage), but I’m glad I got it. My skin has been out of whack lately, and this product worked great for quick spot coverage!

While I probably won’t use this that often, it’s a good thing to have around. I personally don’t like it as an under eye concealer, but a little dab on blemishes works wonders.

Find it Here

Travel Size Makeup for Everyday

Does anyone remember dragging around a bag full of ALL your makeup with you every day? Like, to school, to work, to the gym…you just always have it on you, because you’re a busy lady who needs to re-do her makeup and make touch ups throughout the day. But that makeup bag is a MESS because it’s filled with tons of products, all full-sized.

That’s where travel makeup comes in handy! Not just for actual travel days or vacations, but for every day life. You can pack up your daily makeup routine and throw it in your purse, gym bag, or backpack.

Stowaway Cosmetics has travel size makeup kits with all the necessities for everyday life. Throw these in your bag and go! You’ll save a few dollars by buying the sets instead of individual products.

Stowaway Cosmetics Final Review

Overall, I absolutely LOVE Stowaway. I liked most of the products I tried, the quality is good, and I appreciate the minimal design and packaging. Of course, the best part of all is that it’s the perfect size to use as travel makeup.

The prices are comparable to drugstore makeup, although you get about half the size of a normal products. That being said, the quality is great, so I don’t mind paying for smaller sizes that will make it easier to pack my makeup for traveling.

I’m excited to try more of their products in the future and find new favorites. The eye shadow palettes and translucent powder will definitely be on my “buy again” list.

I also appreciate that they send email reminders when your makeup expires so you know it’s time to get rid of it. Most likely, you’ll use it up by then anyways!

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