Best Personal Item Backpack for Flying

Looking for the best personal item backpack to use on flights? This laptop bag is stylish, practical, affordable, and it’s the perfect size for keeping under the seat!

Finding the best personal item bag for flights is tough. You need something that can hold all of your carry-on essentials AND fits within the airline’s personal item dimensions. On top of those two details, you also want something stylish and functional.

It took some time and quite a bit of searching, but I finally found my perfect personal item backpack!

It’s a great laptop carry-on bag, with plenty of room for all of my electronics, beauty products, travel essentials, and other items that I like having with me in flight. It fits EVERYTHING, and it fits under the seat in front of me.

It also happens to be a pretty simple yet stylish backpack. I’ve received so many compliments on it while working and traveling, which made me realize how much of a gem this bag is! So I figured it would be worth sharing with all of you out there looking for the best personal item bag.

This backpack is especially great for anyone who works while traveling and needs to carry their laptop with them.

Don’t want to read the full review? Find my favorite laptop bag right here.

Best Personal Item Bag

Like I said before, the best personal item bag for flying needs to check a few boxes:

    • Big enough to fit the essentials
    • Laptop-friendly
    • Fits within all (or most) airline dimensions for under seat bags
    • Functional (pockets, easy to organize and find items)
    • Stylish

For years, I just used whatever random tote or backpack I had as my carry-on personal item. The problem was that all those bags weren’t quite right; there was always some missing detail or something wrong. The size wasn’t maximized for under seat storage. There weren’t enough pockets to organize my things. The bags were just UGLY.

Once I started flying more regularly, I decided it was important to find the PERFECT carry-on bag. The bag that would make packing and flying easier, instead of a hassle.

My Favorite Personal Item Backpack

I’m so happy I made the effort to search for a personal item backpack that really worked for me. I’ve had this laptop backpack for over a year now, and I absolutely love it. Plus the compliments just keep coming! I always get people asking me about it, where I got it, and exclaiming how useful it looks.

Let me tell you, it IS really useful. There are so many little details that make this the best personal item bag for flying.

Let’s start with the size and dimensions of this backpack:

    • Height: 16.9 in.
    • Width: 11.15 in.
    • Depth: 7.5 in.

laptop backpack

Laptop Carry-on Bag

One of the most important factors for me when looking for the right bag was that it was large enough to fit my 15-inch laptop, along with everything else I like to keep next to me on the plane.

Most of the cute bags I saw just weren’t quite big enough for my laptop, but since I’m always working while I travel, I NEED to have it with me. And I need to have it in my personal bag in front of me, not in my suitcase in the overhead bins.

This bag fits my laptop just fine (fits up to 15.6 inch laptop), no squeezing it in or trying to make room for it. Plus it has a separate laptop sleeve to keep it in place.

personal item size laptop backpack

Under seat Bag

The point of a personal bag in flight is that you can have it next to you, filled with everything you might need while flying. It’s the bag you put under the seat in front of you, so it has to fit within the airline’s bag dimensions.

This backpack fits under the seat, AND it still fits everything I need. It’s basically the perfect size and shape, so you can slide it right in without losing out on space. I also love the top handles that make it easy to grab my bag during flights (even when there’s no space to move around or the seat in front of you is reclined).

Pockets & Organization

POCKETS, compartments, and sections are so necessary in order to keep all of your things organized. I like to pack my laptop, beauty essentials, notebooks, Kindle, electronics & chargers, snacks, and a lot more in my personal bag while flying. It’s a lot to stuff in there, but having it neatly organized makes it work.

This backpack has allll the organization you need:

    • Laptop sleeve
    • Tablet sleeve (I keep my Kindle in here)
    • Multiple interior pockets of various sizes (where I keep pens, chargers, sunglasses, etc.)
    • Small front pocket with zipper (where I keep things I need to access in the airport; phone, passport, wallet)
    • Two side pockets perfect for water bottles

Another detail I love about this bag is something I wouldn’t have thought to look for. The interior is a bright blue color, which makes it a lot easier to see inside your bag compared to a dark interior.

It also comes with a cord that you can loop through and plug into your portable charger. That way you can have your phone charging in an outer pocket, with the charger tucked away inside.

Find out how I pack my bag plus all my carry-on essentials!

laptop in backpack

Stylish Backpack for Flying

In my early travel days, I was just happy to have anything. I used old backpacks friends gave me, or just whatever I could find. But I got tired of carrying around ugly old tote bags and torn up backpacks.

Eventually, I decided I wanted to look put together while flying. That included having a stylish personal bag instead of something old and sloppy.

This backpack is sleek, stylish, and it looks downright GROWN UP, if I do say so myself. It’s a great mix between a business laptop bag and a cute handbag. When I have it sitting next to me at cafes, it just looks like a nice (quite large) purse.

I feel like a sophisticated, traveling business lady with this backpack on, and that’s kind of what I’m going for in life.

Final Thoughts

I just really love this stylish personal item backpack. It has made traveling a lot easier, especially since I travel carry-on only. On most trips, I pack a carry-on size suitcase to keep in the overhead bin, and this bag with all of my travel essentials. That means it’s extra important that I have the biggest bag I can have as my personal item, while still having it fit under the seat.

It’s stylish, it’s the perfect size, it’s functional, and it’s durable. I love flying with this, and it really fits a lot. I highly recommend this bag for flying, or just as an everyday laptop bag for school or work.

Where to Get It

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Other Personal Item Backpack Options

If this backpack isn’t quite your style, or it’s not quite what you’re looking for, here are some other personal item bags that have caught my eye!

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